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Kawtar is a software engineer who is passionate about cutting edge technologies and solving challenging problems while bringing value out of it to people. She started her career in Paris then moved to an R&D lab in Switzerland seeking for new challenges and for a working environment where she could grow her passions. When Kawtar came across the establishment of the TDF and their mission which was a complete match with her passions, she immediately decided to join the adventure. Apart from being a software engineer, Kawtar is a sport addict and she likes latino dancing.

After more than 15 years developing AI-based products for the industry within Dassault, Cisco, or Thales, Fabien decided to join the Thales Digital Factory to actively contribute to the Thales Group transformation. He is one of the pillars of the organization as he is the caring leader of all the Factory agile teams, also called “squads”. Fabien believes that people are the key elements of any innovative and successful projects. Hence, he is one of our culture ambassador and is empowering all the members of the Factory. Outside his work, he teaches his daughters how to code and he cooks meals from all around the word.

After graduating from the school of Art and Design in Valence, Margot, originally from Les Gobelins worked for a usability-test start-up in Paris which delivered premium quality projects. Inspired by her experience in the heart of the User experience domain, she decided to join the Thales Digital Factory to work on the design of both internal and high-added-value projects for Defence and Aeronautic clients. Having a true team player mindset, she interacts a lot with product teams and end-users to create useful as well as helpful digital products. Outside her work, Margot likes spending time watching series & movies and going to intimate concerts with friends.

Damien is a DevOps engineer, who is a technology addict especially for cloud and IoT. What is also important for him, is how technology can help people in their day to day life.

Before joining the Thales Digital Factory, Damien was at an engineering school (Telecom Bretagne) in Brest. During his one-year stage, he was in charge of the deployment of a new CRM model in a growing start-up. In order to do this, he gathered data on the needs of the marketing workforce and transformed it into features for the model. Following his graduation, Damien became an IT consultant. During his missions, he worked on digitalisation programs for several French banks.

Based on these two different experiences, the Thales Digital Factory was the perfect fit for him, as Thales provides for both challenging subject contexts and allows him to manage them using start-up methods. Outside of the Factory, Damien is a hot air balloon pilot in his native region: Burgundy. This activity allows him to take a step back when needed and get new ideas on how to tackle challenges.


Whether you are taking a plane, paying by card or calling someone by phone, Thales is at the heart of your everyday life. A world leader in safety and security technology for Aerospace, Transport, Defence and Security. In 2017 Thales created Thales Digital Factory to accelerate their digital transformation and rethink the use of significant data collected by its systems.

Thales Digital Factory has since gathered more than 210 collaborators to reinvent the group’s offers, to develop a digital platform integrating their new services as well as venturing into new ways of working and decision-making.

What they are looking for

Thales Digital Factory is looking for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Whatever your experience, you should embody a positive attitude and a team mentality.

Are you considerate, open-minded and passionate? Do you love learning and growing with others? Do you have a desire to contribute to the transformation of a large group? If so, we are your company.

Do have experience in App development using Agile methods? What are you waiting for, you should already be working for us.

Good to know

Thales Digital Factory is based at Spaces Etoile - Avenue Hoche in Paris and in Montreal and Singapore, at the heart of an energetic and local ecosystems

We are like a little family, bound together by our strong sense of team spirit. Several times each week, everyone gathers to reflect on the week just passed and to keep on improving our ways of working.

The Factory encourages everyone to express themselves, by allowing them suggest and run activities that make them tick. Sport, BBL, Team building, … What’s your thing?

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