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About Tempow

Tempow is designing the first Bluetooth software platform staring leading Bluetooth products for hardware manufacturers looking to enhance their embedded devices.

We are developing a low power Bluetooth stack which can be ported on any platform and any hardware with minimal performance requirements and which we are augmenting with unique products.

Our first product is the Tempow Audio Profile (TAP), an upgrade of the Bluetooth protocol that allows users to broadcast to and perfectly sync multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones regardless of the manufacturers. Our second product, is a software solution enabling manifacturers of electronic devices to develop « True Wireless Earbuds », Bluetooth earbuds equivalent of Apple’s Airpods. Our solution has many competitive advantages over the current market: better headphone battery life, better right-to-left synchronization, and lower latency.

We are working with the biggest hardware companies all over the world: Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Magic Leap... Tempow’s first partnership was announced in 2017 with Motorola (Lenovo Group), and more than 5M people already have Tempow technology accessible in their smartphones.

Tempow is a young startup created in January 2016 comprised of 22 people based in Paris, driven by engineering excellence. We are looking to grow our team and are looking for top talents.

  • Employees

    From 15 to 50 employees
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  • Sectors

    Software, Electronics / Telecommunications

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