Technique Solaire

Technique Solaire

Energy, Environment / Sustainable Development

Poitiers, Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris, Utrecht


The Technique Solaire group is a producer of renewable energies (solar and methanisation). Its expertise lies in the development, financing, construction and operation of power plants.

Technique Solaire operates in France, but also internationally, with establishments in India and the Netherlands. Technique Biogaz, which specialises in the study, development and construction of methanisation units, is responsible for the group’s methanisation work.

Working at Technique Solaire means operating in a sector geared for the future, working hard and realising your goals as a key player in a global revolution, achieving excellence as part of a team, driving a process of innovation and continuous improvement, adopting professional safety standards and respecting your colleagues and partners.

What they are looking for

With exponential growth in recent years, the group continues to innovate and diversify, with a strong focus on international biogas developments.

Given this growth, Technique Solaire is looking for people who are really committed to energy transition, ready to support the growth ambitions of a people-centric group known for its friendly approach and entrepreneurial spirit.

Made up of five main sectors, Technique Solaire is looking for a wide variety of profiles, creating great diversity within the group. Given its size within the industry, the group offers very versatile missions, a good overview of its projects, and a wide variety of project portfolios.

In short, motivation and commitment are the watchwords of Technique Solaire.

Good to know

Technique Solaire is growing rapidly and has many challenges to meet:

  • Accelerate progress in France, by developing larger-scale projects, in particular ground- mounted photovoltaic power plants
  • Open up in 2 or 3 new countries
  • Address our new industrial challenges (such as storage, negotiated sales contracts, self- sufficiency, etc.)

The group's head office in Poitiers (86) is home to around fifty staff. Technique Solaire also has an office in Paris and one in Bordeaux. The group often uses a project working approach, with teams operating between offices and the field. Working at Technique Solaire offers real development prospects, local work, and the option to benefit as the company grows through employee equity participation. Finally, breakfasts, meals, indoor football and regular after-work events reflect the lighter side of work.

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