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Taqt's ambition is to improve the working conditions of 10 million cleaners worldwide.

To achieve this goal, Taqt develops IoT and SaaS technologies for traceable, efficient and transparent operations.

Our allies and fellow travellers: companies in the Cleaning and Facility Management industry.

To build a new Facility Service paradigm, Taqt innovates alongside them and deploys its solutions in more than 600 large groups and institutions worldwide, spread over several thousand sites such as public institutions (including the European Parliament, the Elysée Palace), but also schools, hospitals, airports and private companies.

Our latest innovation: Taqt One -> a digital pass sheet that allows to record and display the last interventions for a better traceability and more security. Our customers and partners use it to track attendance, incidents and satisfaction.

What they are looking for

To support its strong growth, Taqt is looking for varied and passionate profiles within its various divisions (Com/marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Technical).

The most important thing?

  • Not to be afraid to share your ideas.
  • Be autonomous and know how to take initiative.
  • Be a team player
  • Creativity and a good spirit 🙂

If you recognize yourself, contact them as soon as possible!

Good to know

We are open to teleworking depending on the position, the important thing is that each employee finds his or her own rhythm and feels at ease.

Taqt is also about shared passions ⚽️🎵 From happy hours, sport games ⚽️ to the blinds tests / Karaoke evenings 🎙, everyone finds their place!

Working is good, but sharing convivial moments in addition is better!

Whether it's through Teambuildings or more simply afterworks, everyone is free to organise what they want.

The little extra? They've actually set up a music group "The Taqt Band", and we're told that they're still missing a few recruits to be complete. 🥁🎹🎷🎸

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