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Talentoday offers a human centric, people analytics solution that empowers individuals and teams to identify and harness their unique soft skills. Being passionate about their core purpose of empowering growth, the Talentoday team supports their clients and teammates in their mission to find fulfillment and unlock their true potential.

By cultivating Talentoday’s employee experience as "the place to grow," they couple their passion for science and technology with a commitment to collaboration and learning in a dynamic work environment.

At the heart of their business, Talentoday's application has a global community that extends to 4+ million members, spreading across 160+ countries, providing enhanced professional guidance to talent, teams, and companies alike.

What they are looking for

Talentoday seeks to add members to their team that want to grow their career while supporting their core values of locking arms to acheive goal, never, never, never giving up, desire to serve others, and willing to do what others won’t.

Talentoday truly believes that each person is unique and dynamic. With Talentoday being “the place to grow,” they believe finding the right people should not be limited to skills and expertise, but also the person’s passion for science, technology and the core values that drive the company forward, allowing both their team and technology to evolve.

Good to know

Talentoday puts their employee experience at the front of what they do.

Early in the company’s creation, they achieved great success with their viral #IAmUnqiue campaign to share their personality assessment with members globally. Through this success, Talentoday now has an international footprint.

In addition to offering their team the opportunity to have a global impact, Talentoday provides the opportunity to work in an international environment from the convenience of their Paris office, centrally located office in the 2nd arrondissement.

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