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Montpellier, Paterna


Synox is an IoT solutions integrator and publisher. It supports companies and local authorities wishing to implement their IoT projects easily and securely, regardless of the objects and technology used.

Its mission? 🚀 To enable companies and communities to transform their business by leveraging the potential of new IoT technologies in a sustainable way.

Breaking news! 😀 Today, Synox takes a new step and is happy to announce its first fundraising with La Banque des Territoires of the Caisse des Dépôts group and Sofilaro, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole, two major players in the territories transformation. And because all this could not have been achieved without the teams daily support, it is launching a recruitment plan over the next 3 years. The goal: double its workforce!

In the near future, the next recruits will have the chance to discover the brand new premises where IoT innovation can be seen from the connected door to the pool temperature management. (it is the air conditioning actually 😉 )

What they are looking for

Synox is looking for the perfect combination of know-how and "joie de vivre". More than an academic background, they are looking for profiles that work with passion. If you had to choose one key word to describe what binds their team together? Cohesion. Synox favours a cross-functional approach and a trustful management. So if you are known for :

  • your optimistic temperament
  • your team spirit
  • and that you are goal-oriented

You have the Synoxian spirit!

Good to know

Joining Synox means working for a fast-growing market in a company that wears its colours through three key values:

  • Humanism
  • Agility
  • Fun

And promise, they are not just on paper! To give you an idea, you will find :

  • weekly scrums where everyone shares their happy moment 😊

  • cupcakes on desks

  • Mario Kart races down the corridors (to the management office 😉 )

  • an agile mindset

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