Of Beninese origin, Bola Bardet is part of the African diaspora. She is the founder and CEO of Susu, a start-up offering a digital health service enabling this diaspora to offer the best quality of care to their relatives based in their country of origin. Susu is a leading social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of life of Africans through innovative healthcare solutions. Prior to joining Susu, Bola had a previous life in finance and consulting. She holds an Executive MBA from HEC in Paris and is a CFA Charterholder (financial analyst diploma). She is also a graduate of the Entrepreneurship program at Babson College in San Francisco and the Innovation and Social Business program at the University of Cape Town. A big tennis fan (especially Raphael Nadal, Vamos 💪), Bola spends her free time (what's left of it 😊 ) at the gym, at the hammam, or on long walks in the forest with her family. Her philosophy of life can be summed up in 4 words: Dare - Resilience - Initiative - Humility.

Arriving from Lebanon more than 2 years ago, Kristina prepared an MBA in Digital Marketing and e-business in Paris. In love with France, for her Paris has always been a dream come true. Arriving at Susu in early May 2019, her work can be summed up in 3 parts: the acquisition of new prospects and above all their transformation into customers, the creation of strategic internal procedures, and support for the implementation of Susu services in Ivory Coast. When she is not criss-crossing the streets of Paris, you will find her on a plane ready to discover new cultures and visit new countries. Her little weakness: dogs! Her mantra of the moment: "Smile for everyone... Smile for everyone... Happiness is in the present moment! "... ... listening to his favourite song: HYMN for the weekend (Coldplay) !

As a computer engineer and INSEAD MBA, Solenn has spent fifteen years helping to launch and scale up fast-growing companies (start-ups or subsidiaries of large groups), mainly in FinTech / AssurTech and internationally. She has lived in 7 countries (her favourite being Egypt!) and has been working in/with Africa since 2010. She joined SUSU in May 2019 to launch the operations ex nihilo and prepare the rapid scale-up of activities. Whether through SUSU's activities or other personal commitments, Solenn is very committed to contributing to the development of "business for good" and new managerial practices (agile, freeing the potential and autonomy of teams). When she is not in the field, Solenn likes to sail... In Egypt, she got a taste for life on the water (at the time the Nile) and now lives on her barge in Paris 😊 Her mantra of the moment: "One idea => one action" ...

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How access to quality health care can be made available to the greatest number of people in Africa?

In many African countries, while chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension are exploding, access to health care and health insurance remains limited to a very small part of the population.

For Africans who have settled abroad, as in Europe and the United States, this is a major source of concern for their relatives back home.

Bola Bardet, founder of Susu and herself part of the Beninese diaspora, has been confronted with this difficulty. She therefore decided to create Susu, a digital health platform, by surrounding herself with insurance and health partners in France and Africa.

At the junction between HealthTech and InsurTech, Susu improves the quality of life of African families by facilitating access to the best health care. The African diaspora can now take charge of the health costs of their loved ones back home with peace of mind and ensure that teams on the spot take care of their loved ones on a daily basis.

Susu's DNA is therefore of course digital entrepreneurship, Africa and social impact. Susu is also a young, fun and challenging team!

What they are looking for

SUSU recruits in France and Africa!

They are looking for multiple talents, both in their expertise and their personality, in search of innovative and meaningful projects.

Pragmatic, agile and committed entrepreneurs, their common values are: innovation with a test & learn approach, excellence in the service of our beneficiaries, empathy, fun and multiculturalism.

The team is growing, join them!

Good to know

Susu has the ambition to rapidly open new markets in Africa and international opportunities will not be lacking... Nomads beware!

In Paris, they are at the heart of the startup ecosystem, particularly based at Station F within the INSEAD LaunchPad space.

Their pulse is 6 weeks long, the duration of their sprints and above all the frequency of their international teams' reunions in Paris, for 3 days of workshops, brainstorming... and outings!

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