Study Call

Study Call

Advertising, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, Marseille


At Study Call, our mission is to place people back at the heart of the customer experience on behalf of strong brands, through voice and sms and with the help of trained and dedicated callers agents.

In other words, our job is to identify all customer interactions throughout the purchase journey, such as the first customer's experience, the discovery of a new feature for a product or even to have a product's feedback.

With the help of tech and data, we offer suitable, dedicated and trained callers agents to create value in each of these interactions. Today, we are delighted to have more than 100 clients who trust us. For the last year, we had the chance to work with iconic brands, Start-ups, Scale-ups and even large multinational groups all over Europe.

What we really do is is that we enhance conversation, emotion, performance and revenue !

Beyond our client mission, our purpose is based on supporting all of our callers and agents, by offering a decent income to each one. We also, participate in the emancipation and training of each agent. One of the values that we carry out on a daily basis is the aim to share the wealth across our territories regardless to geographic or social criterias.

What they are looking for

Study Call is made up of four divisions: The tech division, Delivery, Marketing & Sales. It is a multicultural team made up of experienced people looking for a challenge where good humor and friendliness are essential. Autonomy, pragmatism, team spirit, sharing and benevolence are the primary qualities we are looking for.

Good to know

Study Call now has nearly 35 employees and more than 10,000 agents Callers. We continue to grow exponentially and we are convinced that people are at the heart of our growth.

Breakfasts and afterworks are regularly organised… or improvised!

Oh yes ! People in sneakers or who like to walk barefoot are welcome (unless your feet smells, but there are solutions for that).

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