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Streamroot develops innovative video streaming solutions combining traditional broadcasting and peer-to-peer protocols. Their technologies allow online video platforms to scale to growing audiences while improving quality of service for users.

Founded in 2013 by three engineers from Ecole Centrale Paris, Streamroot now about thirty employees in its New York, Paris and Denver offices. Streamroot now optimizes the delivery of more than 500 million video sessions per month and counts among its customers major media groups such as Dailymotion, Canal+, Eurosport and Russia Today. Streamroot is the market leader in mesh network delivery architectures; it was recently acquired by the telecommunications and CDN leader CenturyLink but retains full operational control of its activities and development roadmap. They are now looking to strengthen their technical teams to enable hundreds of millions of users to benefit from their technology while accelerating their international business development.

What they are looking for

The Streamroot team is looking for demanding and passionate people who are eager to improve and learn all the time.

Autonomy, proactivity and the ability to question oneself are highly appreciated.

For them, rigour and excellence naturally go hand in hand with a good dose of madness.

The office atmosphere is relaxed and family-oriented, with a lot of humour and positive energy. The "fit" of the candidate is therefore very important.

And of course, experience in the sector or in the technos of their stack is always an asset!

Good to know

15 nationalities! Offices in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

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