Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Health, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, New York


Each year, 140M children are born. Birth defects affect 1 in 33 births in developed countries, and in 50% of cases, they are not detected by ultrasound. Prenatal medicine is particularly complex, and the ultrasounds impose heavy responsibilities for the healthcare professionals. They can also be a source of stress for the future parents.

Resulting from 5 years of collaboration between world-renowned experts from Necker Hospital and Ecole Polytechnique, Sonio uses artificial intelligence to improve prenatal screening and diagnosis. Based on patented algorithms and a proprietary expert database, Sonio aims to become the reference tool to help practitioners improve screening, reduce diagnostic errors, and optimize the pregnant women’s medical path.

Sonio's mission is to improve women's and children's health by promoting access and quality of care through technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence.

What they are looking for

They are looking for driven and excellent professionals, experts in their field, whether dev/engineering, datascience, regulatory, sales or medical expertise, to help them build an innovative and robust solution to serve pregnancy care and women health. They value team spirit and true motivation to have an impact on healthcare through technology. They strongly believe that they can achieve everything with the right people and strong values, balancing operational excellence, technological innovation, medical value and transparence.

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