Senior/Lead front-end Developer

Permanent contract
Salary: €65K to 85K
No remote work


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About Sonio

Each year, 140M children are born. Birth defects affect 1 in 33 births in developed countries, and in 50% of cases, they are not detected during prenatal examinations. Prenatal medicine is particularly complex, and the scans impose heavy responsibilities on healthcare professionals. They can also be a source of stress for future parents.

Resulting from 5 years of collaboration between world-renowned experts from Necker Hospital and Ecole Polytechnique, Sonio uses artificial intelligence to improve prenatal screening and diagnosis. Based on patented algorithms and a proprietary expert database, Sonio aims to become the reference tool to help practitioners improve screening, reduce diagnostic errors, and optimize pregnant women’s medical path.

Sonio's mission is to improve women's and children's health by promoting access and quality of care through technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence.

About the role

We are currently building our next generation of products that provide real-time assistance to practitioners during fetal ultrasound examinations. We build systems that interface with ultrasound machines (multi-platform edge software), stream imaging data to our cloud (real-time web tech), interpret data and images using AI/ML and push the results back to the practitioner’s interface (reactive web apps) - all in near real-time.

You will report to the Engineering Manager and work closely with the others in the tech, product and data science teams to build our next products and shape our technical architecture and culture. The main responsibilities are:

  • Develop Sonio product features related to real-time exam quality, collaboration, patient sharing, integrations, etc

  • Create and collaborate on technical designs, implement robust, secure, maintainable code and tests (LiveView and ReactJS)

  • Collaborate with tech, product and science teams to rapidly iterate on features, test and release

In the company and particularly in the tech team, everyone enjoys flexibility and autonomy to figure out solutions on their own while feeling very accountable to each other. We particularly like people that are very supportive and responsive, especially when teammates have new challenges. This is particularly important as the tech team is spread internationally (France, Spain, Bulgaria) and interacts with many other teams within Sonio.

Preferred experience

Sonio is a mission-driven company so interest in our mission is critical. Other requirements are:

  • Strong knowledge of web technologies and understanding of distributed system architecture

  • You are super confortable working with ReactJS, bonus points if you also know LiveView

  • You’re probably at ease with some CSS librairies (like Tailwind) but you have a deep understanding of vanilla CSS.

  • You have worked with Design Systems before, even better if you already implemented some! Since the design team is using Figma we expect that you are comfortable with it.

  • Very good communication and interpersonal skills.

  • You value teamwork and you are team-oriented. Team happiness and wellbeing is a priority in the way we’re building the team and we also want to be innovative here!

  • We are fast-growing and global start-up (both our clients and people are spread around the world) so strong command of English both written and spoken is necessary

Localisation: Paris

Salary: The package is flexible depending on seniority, we can share our internal if needed.

We move fast and aspire to be transparent over the process - our objective is that the process from the first chat to an offer is no longer than a month. We also aspire to give an answer to every application in a week - if you have not heard from us, please follow up at

Compensation Range: €65K - €85K

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