We willingly share information, ideas, and opinions and are not hindered by hierarchy. We believe in transparent communication and always encourage open and honest feedback. We expect others to challenge our opinions, respectfully. If you disagree with someone's approach, you should say so.

Team Spirit

We are not afraid to ask for help and are always ready to give guidance. We believe in our collective goals and work together to achieve them.



We believe in taking accountability and being able to admit when we’ve made a mistake. We are reliable and know that our work impacts the work of others. We trust our team and have confidence in their work.


We are passionate about our vision and we work with enthusiasm.

We don’t rest on our laurels. Our goals are challenging and that’s the way we like it. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey and constantly aim to improve our skills. We are not afraid to experiment and take risks.


Smartlook is an analytics solution tool for websites, iOS/Android apps, and various app frameworks, that answers the "whys" behind client’s users' actions. Clients can understand precisely how their customers interact with a specific website and app — by watching user recordings, creating heatmaps, using automatic tracked events, and building conversion funnels. Clients need not rely on guesswork anymore, as all the data can be clearly seen – on one central dashboard, which enables clients to share and collaborate with their colleagues. This means clear, data-driven decision-making for product managers, marketers, UX designers and developers to be able to constantly improve each website and app by reducing churn rates, boosting conversions, identifying and fixing bugs, and improving UX.

What they are looking for

Smartlook is a team full of people who believe in its product. They are open and actively seek and share feedback with each other. They have a great team spirit, which drives them to make their product even better. And last but not least, the team take full responsibility for the work that needs to be done, each day. These aren't just mere words, these are the core values at Smartlook. Smartlook are always looking out for people who share these values and will thrive within the company’s culture.

Good to know

We really enjoy spending time together. Ice skating in winter or BBQ in summer? We’re in! We have our own 3D printers in our offices. Did you lose a box with Christmas ornaments while moving? No problem at all! You can print new ones. Would you like to build your own castle with dragons, soldiers, and princesses? No problem either! We are as passionate about our product as we are about all things tech.

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