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Sixième Son is a global sonic branding agency that creates long-lasting sonic identities, designs sonic signals for human-machine interfaces and provides soundscapes for environmental brand experiences. Founded in 1995 in Paris it opened in the US in 2012. Sixième Son has created over 400 sonic identities for brands all over the world. At Sixième Son, we don’t stop with defining a musical strategy and creation. Our goal is to increase brand value by differentiating each brand, calling attention to it, making it memorable and conveying its values through sound. Our team of experts’ dives into the brand heritage, and environment and, especially into their competitors’ soundscapes to determine the white space in the marketplace that will allow the brand to stand out. As consultants and creators, we provide skilful end-to-end support from initial strategic guidance, to launching and seeding a brand’s sound in the marketplace. Offices include New York, Chicago, Toronto, Barcelona, Moscow and Sydney. We work in all sectors, both B2B and B2C, and in all geographies throughout the world. At Sixième Son, we believe in the power of sound and music to guide emotions, change behavior and transform brand relationships.

What they are looking for

Sixième Son is an international agency based in Paris. You'll meet people with very different backgrounds, very creative and open-minded... With a touch of craziness! Sixième Son is an agency that takes things very seriously but never takes itself too seriously. The type of company where people who would never have met otherwise meet and match by who knows what magic.

We work on very serious matters but never takes ourselves too seriously. We are looking for people who are in the same mood! Everyone has a role to play and the agency grows thanks to people sharing their experiences. If we shine at Sixième Son, it is always as a team. It is this type of company where people who would never have met otherwise meet but who match... by who knows what magic!

Come as you are, with your anecdotes, your skills, your talent, your little unspoken imperfections and your great qualities.

Good to know

The office is located in the 5th district of Paris, quite unusual for a creative agency. Very close to the Place Monge, rue Mouffetard and the Jardin des Plantes. In a small charming courtyard... There are worse places to work!

Our coffee breaks are similar to any company's... Except that they are often an opportunity to play music at any time of the day: you play the piano, the guitar or the triangle? You'll have a seat in the band.

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