Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Health, Software

Montpellier, New York

Career development

We offer several possibilities for growth and advancement: 1- Managerial Path: If you aspire to take on leadership roles and guide teams, our managerial path provides opportunities to grow into management positions.

2 - Professional/Transversal Path: With our professional/transversal path, you have the flexibility to explore different roles and departments within the company.

3 - Expert Path: For those seeking to become subject matter experts in their field, our expert path offers opportunities to become a global expert within the company.

4 - International Mobility: We recognize the importance of international experiences in personal and professional growth. If you have a desire for global exposure, we offer international mobility opportunities based on your wishes and the needs of the company.

By providing clear career paths and encouraging professional growth, we aim to create an environment where you can envision a rewarding long-term career with Sim&Cure.

Testimonial from Sophie BRUGE, R&D Director

After a PhD in the medical image processing field, I have begun my journey at Sim&Cure as Software Development and Image Processing Engineer. During my first months, I have been involved in the development of the first commercialized version of the Sim&Size medical device. I have also contributed to the establishment of the quality system of the company allowing us to get the CE and FDA clearance.


At Sim&Cure, we prioritize the professional growth and skills development of our employees. To support this, we have established a plan that encompasses various initiatives:

1- Feedback System: We believe in continuous improvement and fostering a culture of feedback. Our 360° feedback system, powered by the ELEVO platform, allows for comprehensive feedback from peers, managers, and subordinates.

2- Regular Feedback and Annual Assessment: We value open and constructive communication. Through regular feedback sessions, employees receive ongoing guidance, recognition, and support. Additionally, we conduct annual assessments to evaluate progress, identify areas of improvement, and set goals for the upcoming year.

3- Training and Development: We believe in investing in our employees' skills and knowledge. We offer a comprehensive training plan that covers both technical and soft skills development.