Cyber Security, Metallurgy, Specialised Engineering

Cesson-Sévigné, Oujda, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo

Career development

By joining Secure-IC, you will be able to perfect your expertise as well as develop your transversality! We support and train our talents to develop their skills and careers.

You will be able to take on responsibilities, reinvent yourself in cross-functional areas or move to one of our subsidiaries around the world.

Avoir la foi, c'est monter la première marche même quand on ne voit pas tout l'escalier.

Martin Luther King


Training is a key point in the career path of employees with :

  • Onboarding sessions for each newcomer to allow them to immerse themselves in the vision of the company, its missions, its values but also its products.
  • Specific management training to help our teams improve and give them all the tools they need for their daily work.
  • Language trainings to enable our Talents to be more at ease when dealing with their international clients.
  • Technical training to be at the forefront of technology and continuously improve our expertise.

Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

We are committed to creating moments of conviviality between teams, whether they are initiated by the company or the employees. Your ideas are welcome. So get ready for a lively day-to-day work life: Viennese pastries in the morning, board games at lunchtime, afterworks & sports challenges!