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Humans Matter

Change Management, Digital, Organization / Management

Lyon 2e Arrondissement, Castelnau-D'estrétefonds, Grenoble, Hong Kong, New York City, Paris, Philadelphia

As a Co-founder, Olivier is part of SBT Human(s) Matter’s adventure since its beginning. Before that, he was already developping Consulting activities in human-centric and transformation topics. Today, with the help of SBT’s team, he wants to apply these activities to a bigger ambition: being a committed player of the cognitive revolution.

SBT mission is to support the humans in developing their cognitive potentialities to help them integrate the complexity and find the ways to sustainably change their behaviors. Those behaviors should be virtuous and must pay attention to the balance and the protection of resources.

At SBT Human(s) Matter, Olivier supports his clients in their Transformation dynamics. He questions the purpose of organizations and helps them activate their strategy by co-building corporate projects that are meaningful and deliberately differentiating.

He believes that the articulation of multidisciplinary jobs and skills is key to empower organizations to design relevant usages paving the way to employee happiness and sustainable competitive advantages.

Olga specialized in Marketing & Management at ESSEC Business School and joined one of the LVMH Group Beauty Houses upon graduation.

At SBT Human(s) Matter Olga finds numerous opportunities to leverage her 7-year experience in luxury business and uses some of the acquired skills, such as project management, product innovation and design of strategic plans. To address her clients’ transformation challenges, Olga combines inputs from neuroscience with the use of technologies to design, together with the team, memorable cognitive and digital experiences.

Parallel to her missions, Olga is in charge of newcomers’ onboarding program to ensure cohesion and adherence to the values and mission of SBT Human(s) Matter.

Apart from that, Olga is French-Russian and a “bon vivant” particularly enjoying good food and good company.

After 4 years in a Digital Agency, Jean has a strong background in Web Design. Jean joined SBT Human(s) Matter in 2018 and is now specialized in UX and UI.

Building on his expertise, Jean brings a creative vision to the projects. He particularly enjoys a freedom of action and the vast diversity of skills held by the humans he works with: cognitive designers, developers, consultants… More and more often, he integrates VR and AI to the projects he is involved in. 

After training in Educational Engineering and working for several years in an international organization, Claire has been working as a training consultant at Humans Matter for the past two and a half years.

Her past experience has allowed her to acquire various skills in pedagogical engineering and multimedia production as well as teamwork in an international environment. She is now able to use her skills in the service of neuropedagogy.

Thanks to her dual role as Pedagogical Engineer and Multimedia Producer, she has a global vision of the project, from the analysis of the content to the concrete realization of the training.

Entrepreneurial at heart and loving challenges, Mélanie has been able to enrich herself through various professional experiences, whether in communication, project management, teaching or educational engineering.

Passionate about digital technology and with a strong interest in cognitive sciences, she decided to join Humans Matter as a project manager and training consultant, a stimulating and challenging double-hatted position, working alongside professionals from various backgrounds.

Her dual skills enable her to strengthen the pedagogical engineering expertise of the projects she manages, to be closer to the teams and to better understand the issues and problems of training design.


Humans Matter designs and crafts innovative experiences that trigger the development of cognitive potentials and lead to the emergence of new usages.

Human fulfillment, Digital, and Cognitive Sciences are at the heart of the company and together constitute a field specific to SBT: Cognitive Design.

For more than 15 years, Humans Matter has created and built solutions for its clients around 4 main stakes:


What they are looking for

  • Who do not only work in autonomy; above all they are trying to create the best solutions by collaborating with others
  • Who act, and not only plan
  • Who target a permanent questioning and are afraid when things freeze
  • Who love obstacles because they are here to overcome them
  • Who progress with engagement, conscientiousness and spontaneity
  • Who enjoy life (eating, drinking, partying), babyfoot, ping pong, pétanque, conferences and meeting new people

Good to know

Joining Humans Matter is an opportunity to:

  • Mobilize Cognitive Sciences and Digital knowledge to evolve at the same pace as the current environment
  • Turn every client need into unique usages and experiences

  • Debate your opinion with those who usually don’t agree with you
  • Project your beliefs while establishing a co-building relationship with other
  • Wonder, doubt, distrust… but above all, are always in the action, testing and iterating

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