Sarus Technologies

Sarus Technologies

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Software



Convinced that the potential of AI for society can only be realized if it does not come at the cost of privacy, Sarus develops a software to let data practitioners work remotely on data without directly accessing it, and surface strictly privacy-safe insights.

By alleviating the constraints of data access, Sarus makes data democratization and innovation faster, safer and more powerful, especially in the fields of healthcare, finance, or sustainable cities.

The solution implements the latest research in privacy-preserving technology, especially differential privacy, to guarantee that individuals' information is truly secure. It integrates natively in modern tech stacks and offers a seamless experience to data scientists and analysts.

The startup was founded in 2020 by three seasoned entrepreneurs with strong engineering and scientific backgrounds. Since then, they’ve raised over €3M from top investors (Ycombinator, Serena, Xange), delivered breakthrough science in privacy-preserving AI, hired an outstanding team, built a product, and signed first clients.

What they are looking for

Sarus is looking for people who are both excited about the potential of data and AI, and committed to promoting the ethical use of data.

The Sarus team is curious, eager to try new approaches, challenge the status quo and look at things from the other angle. They back their thesis with data whenever possible or explain their intuition when not.

They are all animated by the idea of being part of the journey of an early-stage company, with an agile mindset and they thrive in a fast-moving startup environment.

Good to know

To be the most transparent possible we’ve asked our employees and here is what they said, in a privacy-preserving way of course!

“People are both super caring and super smart, which is really pleasant and stimulating. I also like a lot the weekly meetings with the whole team where the founders and the product director share the latest news and ambitions, and are always available for an AMA session.“

“Flexible work, high transparency, caring atmosphere.”

“Good coffee. Flexible remote. Nice team. Big part of time and resources dedicated to research and academic contributions, which is definitely a differentiator when one wants to do R&D and/or work on innovative topics.”

“Excellent work-life balance. Both stimulating intellectually, and super sane and pleasant humanly. Also an amazing opportunity to join a startup at this stage, when so many things are to build and you can have a direct impact.”

“Trust environment, high autonomy. Easy communication, nice atmosphere. Really pleasant to work with experts in their domain.”

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