Senior Platform Engineer (80-100%) (f|m|d) - Berlin, Germany - Hybrid Model
Ricardo France
Ricardo France

Senior Platform Engineer (80-100%) (f|m|d) - Berlin, Germany - Hybrid Model

  • Voltastraße 5, Berlin, 13355
  • Permanent contract 
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    Who are they?

    For more than 20 years Ricardo France has been the cornerstone of SA, the biggest online marketplace in Switzerland, counting today more than 4 million registered users. is known in every Swiss home as a platform where idle and secondhand objects find new life and meaning. From classic design pieces to unique coins and stamps, to the latest electronic appliances and tractors, is the place to go. The thrill of winning an auction, the excitement of making a good deal, the satisfaction of being environmentally responsible - this is!

    The technical platform of this purely Swiss product takes root in the French Riviera. Today the team Ricardo France, located in Sophia Antipolis, counts nearly 30 engineers who work hand in hand with their peers based in Zug (headquarters) and Belgrade.

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    Job description

    We're on the lookout for a seasoned engineer to become a vital member of our dynamic platform team. If you're passionate about the intersection of observability engineering and security and thrive on driving transformative improvements, this role is tailor-made for you. You'll be at the forefront of enhancing our organization's observability capabilities, empowering our engineering teams to deliver exceptional business value.

    As a key member of our Platform Team, your primary area of expertise will revolve around elevating our observability engineering practices. While championing observability, you will also maintain a vital connection with the central security team, representing Real Estate engineering. Your core mission will be to drive and optimize observability initiatives within our vertical while ensuring alignment with our security efforts.

    In this role, you will: 

    • Champion Observability: Define and implement best practices in observability engineering.
    • Standardization: Develop reusable components to standardize logging, tracing, SLOs, and SLAs.
    • Security Integration: Collaborate with the central security team to enhance DevSecOps and Cloud Security practices.
    • Bug Bounty and Penetration Testing: Manage our bug bounty programs on platforms like Bugcrowd and coordinate penetration tests.
    • Shift Left Security: Identify and integrate security primitives into our CI/CD pipelines to promote early detection of vulnerabilities.
    • Automated Security: Design and implement automated security processes and tooling to enhance system security and reduce manual intervention.
    • Security Mindset: Instill a security-first mindset within engineering practices.Lead and manage the platform & DevX teams, providing technical guidance, coaching, and mentorship to team members.

    In addition, SMG offers you:

    • 6 weeks of holidays (with the possibility to buy up to 10 additional days)
    • 40-hour week (flexitime with a cap at 45 hours 🡲 We take work-life balance seriously)
    • Professional accident and supplementary insurance (100% covered by SMG)
    • No fixed office days (you work where you feel most comfortable)
    • Independent counselling centre for personal and psychological problems
    • Gender-neutral fair pay with clearly defined career profiles
    • Choose your hardware (Mac or Windows + 2 monitors for home)
    • Choose your mobile phone (iPhone, Samsung, Pixel)

    Apply Now! We are looking forward to getting to know you!

    Preferred experience

    • SRE Experience: Proven experience in an SRE-related role, demonstrating expertise in modern application development practices and SRE processes.
    • Industry Awareness: A commitment to staying current with industry trends and emerging technologies, particularly those relevant to observability engineering in cloud-native environments.
    • Passion for Security: A strong and genuine enthusiasm for security practices, underscoring your dedication to maintaining a secure development environment.
    • Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills to effectively convey ideas and collaborate with engineering teams.
    Ricardo France
    Ricardo France

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