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  • Big Data, E-commerce, Environment / Sustainable Development
  • Gentilly, Amersfoort, Bordeaux, Bucarest, Fribourg, Grenoble, Hamburg, Nantes, Wemmel
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Some testimonials

Maxime, Product Owner:

Recommerce offers a human-centered and caring recruitment process that allows us to meet with several people involved in our hiring process to get to know the position better. and to discuss the correspondence between his personal professional values and those of the company. Recommerce is one of those companies for which you immediately want to work. from the beginning of the recruitment process. The integration went perfectly with the current health context, Recommerce is very well equipped for remote work and onboarding. It is a company with strong values and who takes care of its employees.

Priscillia, Communication & Influence Trainee:

The step-by-step recruitment process allows you to meet several people in the company, who will immediately show you their enthusiasm. They are not only interested in your professional skills, but also in your personal qualities, your passions, your expectations, your career path, your ambitions for the future... in itself to get to know you at all! The integration went perfectly for me, despite a difficult health context that prevents meetings and therefore the associated convivial moments. I was nevertheless welcomed by a friendly and attentive team, which made it a point of honor for me to meet all the people and discover all the company's services. At Recommerce, there is a real team spirit and a solid notion of mutual aid.

Jiaerken, Buyer:

For me, everything has gone very well, from the very beginning when you called me until now, where I have started to familiarize myself with different tasks and have met many of our colleagues.

I am grateful to you for being the first to contact me and for coming to this big and warm family. Indeed, everything you told me during the interview is exactly what is happening here. Now I understand better why you said you really like working at Recommerce. I was worried about my French, but our colleagues are very nice and I don't feel any pressure, thanks to which I think I have been well integrated.

Moreover, I like the work I do, it's exactly what I expected. I am also grateful to be part of such a good team where there is work, joy, communication and cooperation.

Sarah, Accounting Manager:

I will sum it all up with the statement "I am happy to get up every morning to go to work". All the positive energy transmitted during our exchanges proves to be very real within Recommerce! The atmosphere is friendly despite the small number of people in the premises. It is a real pleasure to work for this company which has values both ethically and ecologically.

Ruiqi, Product Owner Supply Chain:

  • Interviews in 4 steps. This allows us to collect the maximum amount of information about the company culture and the post. The case study on a real project carried out previously allows to have a vision on the missions which will be entrusted. The exchanges during all the interviews are constructive and efficient.

  • The integration went very well despite the health context. Many online activities are organized to facilitate integration. For example, presentations of services for newcomers, the climate mural session, cooking together during lunch break etc. Very good working atmosphere!


ReCommerce is one of the 120 companies in the prestigious Next 120 index.🤩 ReCommerce is the expert in smartphone resale, refurbishment and trade-in. We give a second life to mobiles thanks to innovative technologies and methods, from collection to resale. We offer the widest range of refurbished smartphones on the market under the Recommerce brand, as well as innovative take-back solutions on the web and at the point of sale. We work with the largest European distributors and with telephone operators in the French and Swiss markets... and we are expanding all over Europe.📲 Because "making sense" seems essential to us, our solutions and processes are designed to actively contribute to sustainable development. 🌱 ✨what is a "Recommercant"?

  • It is acting directly on the environment in a positive way by reducing the ecological impact of our footprints.
  • It means working as a team on projects that aim to revolutionize our modes of consumption.
  • It's a team sharing the same values: the quest for excellence, humility, feeling concerned about others and the future and being optimistic, always!
  • It means feeling good even at work: really pleasant premises, outdoor areas for our barbecues, access to a multidisciplinary training platform, a Lunchr card, lunch between colleagues by colleagues on Thursday lunchtime, team sports on Wednesday lunchtime and others.

What they are looking for

Do you love the startup spirit and dream of working for an innovative company? You don't conceive work in any other way than in a good mood? You feel concerned about the future? You dream of having a job with a positive social impact? Are you ambitious and entrepreneurial at heart? If you answer yes to these questions you will make an excellent recommencer.

Good to know

At Recommerce solutions they like afterworks, ping pong, doing sports for lunch together, doing yoga on Tuesday evening, organizing meetings, tasting organic fruit every week, participating in massage workshops, having lunch together on the terrace, celebrating birthdays etc...

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