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Founded in 2017, reciTAL is one of the first international teams to master and exploit large pre-trained language models.

As early as 2017, we used Transformers-based language models to provide document processing tools. Thanks to their pre-training on large volumes of data, these models have an innate language understanding faculty that facilitates document processing tasks. In addition to “seeing” the document, the machine can also read it and understand the meaning of words and sentences. These technologies make it possible to drastically reduce the volume of data needed to learn the task.

Whether extractive or generative, these models have brought IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) into a new era.

reciTAL now offers a complete LAD / RAD solution to exploit the power of large language models, On Premises or in SaaS.

The reciTAL team was built around two principles: excellence and diversity.

reciTAL has an international team (+10 languages ​​spoken) of very high level (5 doctors and engineers from major schools).

Led by a cutting-edge research team (scientific committee with the University of Berkeley), reciTAL counts several major French banks and insurers among its clients, representing more than 80,000 active users.

reciTAL was a member of the G20 des Entrepreneurs 2017, won the AI ​​Awards and the Finance Innovation favorite in 2019 and received the DeepTech label from the BPI in 2021.

reciTAL raised €3.5M with Breega in September 2020 to accelerate its development.

What they are looking for

reciTAL is constantly looking for talent.

Energy, enthusiasm and the search for excellence are the core values ​​of reciTAL. And the best we can tell you is that you will join a team of incredible talents. Because our conviction is that a talent needs to be surrounded by other talents to flourish.

The Product team contributes to the definition of the latest technologies and tools (FastAPI, K8s, Triton...). On the AI ​​side, the team is constantly on the lookout for the latest models and has a computing cluster for deep models. Finally, the management (product, sales, marketing) is made of serial entrepreneurs, software and digital veterans.

reciTAL is growing and having a little adventurous side is an undeniable plus. Its future is written every day by pushing the limits of NLP. With a good dose of pragmatism. Its quest is the performance provided to its customers.

Being at reciTAL means above all being a team player: a benevolent collective, which helps each other and constantly seeks to progress and challenge itself.

Good to know

A flexible work organization where everyone can organize telework as he/she wishes.

Regular feedback in various formats (meetup, afterworks, seminars...) to enhance the sharing of ideas and the common knowledge of our subjects.

Premises in the heart of Paris, in the French silicon valley (and even more importantly the best bibimbap-keftas-burgers of the capital).

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