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Loeiz is the Managing Director of PriceHubble in France. He has a background in engineering and economics (Ecole Polytechnique and Imperial College London). Before he joined PriceHubble early 2017, he worked for 5 years in the field of urban data analytics, with a focus on forecasting the impact of urban evolutions on real estate market dynamics.

Since the launch of PriceHubble on the French market in 2017, he works closely with institutional clients such as institutional investors, developers and large realtor networks.

Cécile joined PriceHubble after graduating from her engineering school in 2019, attracted by the international team, the challenges faced and the ambitious product. From cooking to sewing, she has always liked to craft with her own hands, and she found this passion again in web development, by creating a useful product for its users.

Today as a Software Engineer, she builds PriceHubble's APIs and web platforms.

Paul joined PriceHubble back in October 2017 as Data Scientist. After graduating from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he pursued a PhD in Machine Learning at Université Paris Saclay, focusing on adaptive methods applied to used-centric applications. He loves Data Science and Computer Science in a broad sense.

He is today leading the team building the machine learning models to estimate real estate prices in all the countries where PriceHubble operates.

For her last year of Masters degree in International Business, Nicole wanted to work for a fast-growing startup. She decided to join the PriceHubble adventure end of 2019 and actively participates in its development in France since then.

Today as a Customer Success Manager she is supporting the key accounts of the real estate agent segment on how to use the firm’s solutions and make sure they best meet their needs. This position allows her to maintain the customer relationships she values so much and to keep satisfaction at an excellent level.

Maxime’s journey at PriceHubble started in 2018, when he joined the company as a Data Engineer intern. An expert in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and holds an engineering degree from CentraleSupélec in Applied Mathematics to Data Science. He really loves software engineering, and is more generally curious about everything related to computer science (like data engineering, data science, cybersecurity…).

After working as a Data Engineer for 3 years, he is now leading PriceHubble’s Data Acquisition team.


PriceHubble is a Swiss B2B proptech company that builds innovative digital solutions for the real estate industry based on property valuations and market insights. Leveraging big data, cutting-edge analytics and great visualisation, PriceHubble’s products suite brings a new level of transparency in the market, enabling their customers to make real estate and investment decisions based on the most accurate data-driven insights (such as valuations, market analyses, value forecasts or building simulations) and enhance the dialogue with end consumers. PriceHubble's digital solutions are designed to help all players across the entire real estate value chain (banks, asset managers, developers, property managers and real estate agents). PriceHubble is already active in 10 countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United Kingdom) and employs more than 200 people worldwide.

What they are looking for

PriceHubble is always looking for talented people to join their team! They are always looking for over-motivated and passionate people to join:

  • Their data engineering and data science teams: to deploy the sharpest real estate estimation models on the market
  • Their product and tech teams: to develop the sexiest real estate analysis solution in Europe (but let's stay humble)
  • Their sales and SaaS jedis: to equip all real estate professionals with their solutions (yes, we're aiming high)

Good to know

  • You will work in a caring, empowering and international environment - for real
  • You will benefit from the latest technologies
  • You will contribute to the development of a fast-growing scale-up
  • You will work on a product that really makes a difference in its market

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