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Popsink helps data teams deliver deep product impact. With Popsink, users create data services that react to product events in real-time and can quickly alert/enrich other services and tools, leading to deep personalization and timely automation. Think giving data teams the power to build microservices.

Popsink helps teams build and deploy data products whose impact generalizes well beyond dashboards. It provides a simple interface for users to easily capture, process, and share data with humans and systems alike – all in real-time.

What they are looking for

We are looking for people passionate about building user-facing products and curious about data technologies. Our emphasis is on creating little experiences that delight and not compromising on quality. We’re fully aware that the startup journey isn’t a straight line and are looking for others willing to go through the motion with us.

Good to know

How is Popsink different from Reverse-ETL?

Reverse ETL is designed with the storage layer as a source, it takes batches of data from the DW at a schedule and sends them to an activation service at a schedule. Popsink is designed with the source services and destination services in mind, it receives, models, and forwards data as it happens.

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