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Senior Software Engineer - HR+

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Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
A few days at home
Experience: > 5 years
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Do you want to help us shape what the future of work will look like and how it will best embrace our life's aspirations? If this sounds like a journey you want to embark on, we may have the right role for you!

PayFit is an intuitive cloud-based payroll and employee management solution designed specifically for SMBs. Since 2015, we have set ourselves a mission to simplify payroll for SMBs and enable employers and employees to grow together. We are a European company operating from 3 main countries (France, Spain, and the UK) where we are supporting over 10,000 clients. 

Creating a fulfilling work environment and culture is also a core mission at PayFit, and our day-to-day work philosophy is reflected in our four values:


We genuinely care for others whoever they are, whatever they think.


We aim to improve and achieve better results every day.


Staying humble and exchanging transparent feedback helps us to grow and improve.


We are the architects of PayFit's success.

A key part of our culture, and essential for our success, is also improving the diversity of our teams and building an inclusive culture where you can be yourself at work. 

This is why our recruitment focuses on the skills you demonstrate, and not only on your academic background or previous professional experiences. At PayFit we understand that you can gain applicable skills through a variety of life experiences and we are interested in knowing them, too.

About the role :

You will be a senior player for the squad HR+.

Your primary mission will be to enhance the existing legacy code, ensuring our systems evolve to meet current and future demands efficiently and effectively. This role requires a hands-on approach and a readiness to tackle the challenges associated with older codebases, making significant improvements that impact the performance and reliability of our systems.

Reporting directly to Yannick, Engineering Team Lead, you will : 

- Analyze and improve existing legacy code to enhance performance, scalability, and maintainability

- Implement best practices for code health, testing, and maintainability.

- Design and build valuable solutions for our customers, and challenge your teammates and embrace challenges from them

- Be a driving force in the continuous improvement of the team

- Be involved not only in the delivery but also in the discovery of our customers' problems- Contribute to the full lifecycle of our software solution (discover/design/build/operate/support)

This role is for you if :

* You have 5+ years of experience as a Fullstack Developer, with a specialization in NodeJS, TypeScript, or other backend technologies, and you are comfortable working with React on the Front End.

- You are proficient in cloud architectures, system design, distributed systems, and ensuring observability and reliability.

- You are experienced in and embrace the evolution of systems

- You promote early risk identification and have an impact-center approach

- You are a doer with a creative force and a high attention to detail: strive for the highest quality with an iterative approach mindset

- You are a real team player who wants to build a big success story with us

- You are open to feedback and mentoring, dedicated to growth, and skilled at clarifying complex technical and business concepts.

- You speak English fluently and you want to work in an international and dynamic environment

If you think you would be a good fit even if you don't meet 100% of the requirements, we would love to hear from you!

It would be great if also :

- You are experienced in Domain Driven Design, Hexagonal Architecture, Systems Design, Event Driven Architecture, Command and Query Responsibility Segregation, Circuit Breakers and other distributed systems patterns experience

- You have experience in large-scale SaaS architecture

About the team :

We do so through empowered, autonomous teams with clear ownership. We believe in the teams and their members' ability to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional results. With knowledgeable and passionate members striving for excellence and sharing and learning from all experts in the team. 

Join our team to work together towards a common goal and create a meaningful impact by building a meaningful product for our users.

A brief overview of our day-to-day stack:

• Technical stack: Node.js, TypeScript, React, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, SAM, CloudFormation, Helm, serverless, …

• Code collaboration: GitHub, CircleCI

• Project management and knowledge: JIRA, Notion, Miro, Google Docs

• Communication: Gather, Slack, Zoom

Hiring process :

1. First you will meet a Talent Acquisition Specialist for a discovery call (45 min)

2. The next step will be a meeting with Yannick, Engineering Manager (45 min)

3. You will go through a live technical code exercise with 2 Software Engineers (60 min)

4. Then you will have a System Design live discussion with 2 other Senior Players from our team (60 min)

5. Finally, you will discuss with our Engineering Director (30 min)

We are looking for passionate and innovative people who want to build the next big success story with us! Do you recognize yourself in these words? Do you want to join an incredible adventure? Please tell us who you are, what you’ve done, and what you're looking to achieve. We’ll be more than happy to meet you 🙂

What we offer

Flexibility: We believe it is key to produce your best work and to be fulfilled. We therefore offer the possibility to work away from our main offices, within France/UK/Spain; as well as abroad for a defined period. Further requirements may apply depending on the role and your overall experience.

Learning & Development: In PayFit we have a great learning platform where you can learn new skills every day with the support of our company. We also have English language courses to improve your business communication vocabulary and get to the next level.

Career Development: We want you to progress and be free to choose which direction you want to grow. There are also opportunities for internal moves.

Health promotion: A Gym at our Paris office and a GymLib subscription with preferrential rate. 4 paid sessions with a mental health practitioner and online support with Moka.Care.

Health insurance: Mutuelle Henner (60% covered by PayFit).

Transportation: 50% covered for your public transportation card for those living within Ile de France. A budget to travel to the office for those who live outside of it.

Meals:  A restaurant card with our partner Swile ( 9€  per workday).

Home office budget: 150€ per year to help you get set up in the best conditions. A MacBook is our standard working tool.

Parental support: 20 weeks maternity leave covered by PayFit and 4 weeks leave for the second parent.

Time off: 25 days of holidays + RTT days (depending on the contract).

Disability Inclusion: All of our positions are open to any person living with a disability. To guarantee equal treatment and opportunities, we will take, based on individual needs, appropriate measures to adapt the work conditions of PayFiters with disabilities, and if needed also during the recruitment process. Please let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate!

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