Patriarche. Office Of Architecture

Patriarche. Office Of Architecture

  • Architecture, Interior Design
  • Le Bourget-Du-Lac, Basel, Bordeaux, Gland, Lyon, Montréal, Paris, Québec, Toutes Les Agences
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Les bureaux Patriarche Montréal sont établis dans le quartier historique du Vieux-Montréal, un secteur populaire de la ville.

Comment y aller ?

  • Communauto : stationnement Communauto à proximité

  • Bixi : plusieurs bornes à moins de 5 minutes de marche

  • En métro : ligne orange, station place d’armes à quelques minutes

  • En autobus : lignes : 55, 715

Patriarche. Office Of Architecture
Patriarche. Office Of Architecture

Les +

  • La localisation : À quelques pas du magnifique vieux port de Montréal et de nombreuses galeries d’arts.

  • Douches : Pour les sportifs et les moins sportifs.

  • Café illimité : Pour avoir sa dose d’énergie quotidienne.

  • Accès : Accès sécurisé avec carte magnétique.


  • Patriarche is an agency that creates architecture through the collaboration of architects and engineers.
  • An enthusiastic agency where respect and humility drive relationships.
  • An adventurous agency that knows how to think outside the box.
  • A user-focused agency that builds for real people.
  • A dynamic, flexible and responsive agency.
  • A cultivated and open-minded agency that looks to the world for inspiration to create and innovate, never to copy.
  • A free agency that refuses to compromise on its code of ethics.
  • A conscious agency, committed to preserving the environment to build and imagine the future.
  • A rich agency where proximity encourages exchange, the emergence of ideas, and the mobilization of multiple professions.

What they are looking for

Patriarche’s collaborators are adventurous, working and growing in multidisciplinary and international teams.

At Patriarche, innovation is at the heart of all of our projects, small or large, in the public or private sector, in France or in Europe, but also in Africa, Asia or North America. We are continuously researching and experimenting with new sustainable concepts.

Good to know

  • 9 offices in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Le Bourget du Lac, Basel, Gland, Quebec City and Montreal.
  • A family business and a people-centered organization.
  • Our employees are excited to come to work on Monday mornings.

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