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Philippe is co-founder and CEO at papernest in Paris. Always the first to throw himself into the breach, it is undoubtedly his passage through the Navy that helped him to know how to navigate in troubled waters to lead the team towards new horizons. The idea of papernest came to him by moving one too many times. A few months to refine the project, and he resigned to go ahead with Benoit, and finally simplify the administration for the millions of people oppressed by paperwork!

Andrea is Head of Strategic Partnerships Southern Europe at papernest.

After having worked and lived in Italy, France and Switzerland, he joined papernest as a Country Manager in Barcelona. Now he manages the Southern European Strategic Partnerships teams, which are in continuous growth.

He loves hiking and playing board games and he can prepare the best tiramisu.

Flors is a Business Developer and Mentor in the Inside Sales team at papernest Barcelona.

Apart from learning and mastering more and more about real estate and business, Flors loves meeting people and enjoying the little things. Besides, there is almost no sport she can't resist: climbing, skiing, wakesurfing, mountain biking... She does it all!

Quentin is Chief Marketing Officer at papernest in Paris. He has already crossed the English Channel in the middle of a storm, and at night, without an engine, in the middle of cargo ships. So you'd think that negotiating a web partnership wouldn't scare him off. His previous experience in marketing has seen him take on many international projects. At the helm of papernest's acquisition strategy, he intends to do it again - faster and stronger.

Agnes is CRM Executive at papernest Barcelona.

She has already lived in 3 different continents which is what naturally drove her to Barcelona

One of the things that make her a key part of the team? She knows all the tricks in marketing cloud. Another one is that her favourite hobby is cooking and she can spend hours talking about food.

Aron is Sales Manager Spain at papernest Barcelona. Having worked in different Start-ups in Europe he has come to papernest with the aim of developing the best sales team ever! If you want to talk to him it's very simple, wear a helmet and ask him about his bike, he'll consider you one of his own! Alternatively you can always tell him you know the best pizza restaurants in Barcelona.

Sofia is a trainer for the Spanish sales team at papernest Barcelona.

She comes from Uruguay, where she started her career training in the world of hospitality and events. After being a great member of the sales team, she found her place in the Training team.

And she's also a DJ! In her spare time you'll find her listening to (or making) music or eating a good plate of pasta.

Philippine is our Head of HR for our Paris office. Having studied in Paris and Abu Dhabi, Philippine loves to take her backpack to visit friends around the world or explore unknown lands. For more than two years, Philippine has been caring effectively for her colleagues and their working environment to achieve their goals!

“The lockdown meant a time to rethink our work organization and our product, from the worst you can make the best.”

Florian is our Lead Product Manager. He has been a keen sailor since he was very young and knows how to navigate the waters of the product like no one else! His penchant for the technical side of things greatly facilitates his work with his development teams. An explorer at heart, he gives his team the desire to push their subjects as far as possible and get the best out of them.

“We have the perfect balance between pace, ambition and caring meritocracy. You’ll never be alone, you'll always find a colleague willing to help you.”

Anaïs is our Lead Data Analyst. A child of Guadeloupe, she was raised with her feet in the water and naturally developed a taste for water sports. Today she is the lighthouse in the middle of the night for the Product and Acquisition teams. She maintains a sunny atmosphere at papernest and passes on her passion for data!

"The people and the challenges create a very stimulating atmosphere. I think that's really what motivates me every morning!"


We are papernest

Our ambition? To be the one and only platform to manage all the subscriptions with one single click.

Since our launch in 2015 we haven’t stopped growing: we are now more than 900 employees, 1 million users, and we work in 5 European markets and have offices in Paris, Reims, Barcelona and Warsaw. We are proud to be part of the top 120 French tech startups for the third year in a row and we are convinced that all great success comes first and foremost from a great team.

What they are looking for

Initiative, resourcefulness and autonomy are core skills at papernest.

They’re looking for people who believe in making an impact, love numbers and aren’t afraid to think unconventional ideas. If on top of this, you play as hard as you work, you can give an immediate answer to the question “17 times 17” and you’re always down for a quick game of fusball then don’t hesitate: join papernest !

Good to know

Paper-party, paper-breakfast, paper-dinner... there are plenty of paper-daily-rituals !

The fitness lovers can join the prestigious futsal team (yeah!), get some yoga classes between noon and two or go for a jog by the Canal.

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