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Serial entrepreneur and tech fan. Graduated from IAE Bordeaux in Marketing, Sales and International Business. He created in parallel with his studies, then directed for 4 years the French subsidiary of a consulting and training group in team management and change management. He then joined a major insurance software company to ensure its business development, marketing, communication and strategic partnerships. He discovered the Blockchain in 2014 and gradually invested in the field.

Graduated from the Arts et Métiers and the University of Technology of Karlsruhe (Germany) with a specialization in logistics. She joined Ownest after completing a master's thesis on the optimization of transport costs by opening centralized logistics platforms.

Anne is currently in charge of several projects at Ownest, notably in the luxury and retail sectors

After an experience in a large logistics group, Thibault joined Ownest in 2018. Trained as an engineer, he is now in charge of products and projects. Passionate about tech, his obsession today is to put blockchain technology in the hands of logistics players. Thibault is now in charge of the project and product department, he supports all Ownest customers and guides the product strategy to offer the best possible solution.

Passionné par la sécurité informatique et l’entrepreneuriat, il a rejoint Ownest dès l’obtention de son diplôme de Télécom ParisTech afin de développer une des premières applications mobiles utilisant la blockchain Ethereum. L’objectif était de rendre la blockchain plus accessible pour les industriels, en développant un protocole de transfert de responsabilités basé sur les NFT, chamboulant les us et coutumes en traçabilité. Il oriente les décisions techniques en termes d’architecture logicielle, d’interaction avec les blockchains ou des méthodes de chiffrement, avec un focus particulier sur la disponibilité des installations ainsi que la préservation des données.

Arthur Richon is front-end developer and UX designer who works on Ownest’s apps. While getting a degree in web & e-business at the IIM, he always kept an eye on emerging technologies and new ways to improve user’s experience.

Key Skills : Always trying new and innovative ways to improve the UX & pixel perfect guru


Ownest is the digital solution that allows to trace responsibilities on logistics networks in order to know who is responsible for what, on any logistics network, whether it is internal or external. Ownest's innovation is to use Blockchain technology to solve the problems present in supply chains. This technology enables the major strength of Ownest's solution, which is to create an adversarial system between actors.

What they are looking for

Ownest is looking for talent to join their Sales, Projects/Product and Development teams.

The same philosophy drives the whole team: the desire to modernize and simplify logistics, both technologically and socially, by empowering supply chain actors through blockchain. In particular, they strongly believe in the potential of NFT (Non Fungible Token) to bring unique value to the supply chain.

There is no pre-requisite to know blockchain to join Ownest (except for specific cases of blockchain developers). A strong desire to learn more about this sector is enough!

They also share strong ethical values that they have applied for example by refusing clients that they consider to be environmentally or socially disrespectful.

Good to know

The team works both remotely and in the office, long before the health crisis. Each employee is free to choose his or her own pace.

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