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Welcome to OSS Ventures Startup Studio 🚀

 Who are We? At OSS Ventures, we’re shaping the future of industry. With boundless passion, we’re the preferred partner for Saas startups revolutionizing Industry 4.0 in France. In 4 years, we’ve propelled 15 startups. With a network of over 1000 manufactures, we’re committed to enhancing industrial performance and working conditions, with continuous growth. Joining OSS Ventures means entering a rapidly expanding ecosystem, with 5 new ventures each year, contributing to France’s industrial renaissance and the international prominence of French Tech.

 ⏰Our Daily routine:

  • Identifying challenges: We target major challenges impacting industrial performance, focusing on those technology can solve.
  • Entrepreneurial support: We select and support talented entrepreneurs to create Saas solutions meeting industrial needs.
  • Co-construction: We co-create and refine these solutions until they perfectly meet client expectations and are profitable.
  • Investment: We invest capital and expertise to launch startups, while allowing entrepreneurs to retain 75% ownership.

As partners, we remain available to support our entrepreneurs even after they take flight, serving on the board as investors.

At OSS Ventures, we’re more than just a startup studio; we’re a driver of industrial innovation, shaping the future collaboratively and ambitiously. Join us in this journey to create tomorrow’s exceptional companies! 🚀

Ce qu'ils recherchent

We are looking for the best entrepreneurs (Growth, Sales, Tech, Product & Operations) to build the industry of tomorrow.

Bon à savoir

Our values

🔧 Build a thing that matters.

🤗 Daring and humble.

🚀 Fail, learn, succeed.

🎓 Practice excellence and benevolence.

🥧 Grow together as one.

🎯 Be changemakers.

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