DevOps Engineer M/F permanent contract

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Starting date: June 30, 2024
A few days at home
Experience: > 3 years
Skills & expertise
Task management
Agile methodologies
Communication skills
Continuous integration
Collaboration and teamwork


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The position

Job description

As a DevOps Engineer, you will occupy a vital position within the ORIS organization, a setting distinguished by its multicultural and international diversity. With English as our working language, you will navigate through our agile collaboration landscape, primarily anchored in the Kanban framework. Your mandate will involve automating cloud-native solutions on platforms like AWS, orchestrating deployments via Kubernetes, and leading initiatives to enhance infrastructure reliability and performance. By forging a high-caliber team of engineers and providing cross-functional technical leadership, you’ll ensure that our platform not only operates seamlessly but also remains at the forefront of technological innovation and efficiency

Cloud-Native Development and Automation:

  • Proficient in designing, implementing, and managing cloud-native solutions in alignment with our architectural standards.

  • Demonstrated experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools such as AWS CDK, AWS CloudFormation, or Terraform.

  • Skilled in automating CI/CD pipelines using tools like GitLab CI/CD, 

  • knowledgeable in container orchestration with Kubernetes to enhance service deployment and scalability.

Advanced Observability in Cloud-Native Environments:

  • Implement and manage advanced observability frameworks tailored for cloud-native applications.

  • Good expertise in observability tools and standards such as OpenSearch, Grafana, OpenTelemetry, and OpenTracing.

  • Develop and manage observability strategies that integrate with AWS, Kubernetes, and other cloud-native technologies for real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and application performance optimization.

  • Good experience in creating dashboards and alerts based on key metrics.

  • Utilize observability data to proactively address issues, guiding architectural and operational improvements for enhanced reliability, performance, and user experience.

Support and Collaboration:

  • Support a team of engineers in adhering to best practices, assisting with specification clarifications, and fostering their professional growth.

  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to ensure infrastructure and back-end developments are in sync with product and design requirements, thereby contributing to the platform’s overall strategy and innovation.

Continuous Learning:

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in cloud architecture, DevOps best-practices and observability and the tech stack we use.

  • Participate in internal training sessions, workshops, and code reviews.

Preferred experience


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science

  • 3+ years’ experience in cloud architecture, cloud native development and / or operations preferably with AWS

  • 2+ years experience with Observability tools like OpenSearch and OpenTracing 

  • Experience building cloud-native platforms using Kubernetes on AWS

  • Familiarity using agile development methodologies (Kanban or SCRUM)

  • Proficiency in TypeScript or Python

  • Strong knowledge of Git and comfortable in working with branches, merging code, and resolving conflicts.

  • Strong experience with GitLab CI/CD pipelines.

  • Familiarity with AWS and its core services.

Nice to have:

  • Understanding of SaaS application development.

  • Familiarity with database systems (relational and NoSQL) like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

  • Experience as Full Stack Developer using node.js, java or python is a big plus.

  • Experience with workflow automation leveraging AI or LowCode solutions

Important Soft Skills:

  • Good communication skills for collaborating with external developers and effectively conveying technical concepts and discussing business requirements with non-technical colleagues 

  • Ability to prioritize and delegate tasks to ensure efficient project execution.

  • Proficient in conducting code reviews and providing constructive feedback to maintain code quality.

  • Skilled in fostering a positive and collaborative team environment.

  • Strong organizational skills to keep track of multiple tasks and ensure smooth coordination with external developers.

  • Capacity to handle project documentation and ensure its accuracy and completeness.

  • Proficient in presenting technical concepts and ideas to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Recruitment process

  1. First Online Interview with CTO and HR

  2. Second Onsite or Online Interview with technical Team & CTO - Technical Interview

  3. Third Onsite or Online Interview with Co-Founder & Product Team

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