Big Data, SaaS / Cloud Services, SocialTech / GreenTech, Software

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Gand


After working in the pharmaceutical industry, Loïc decided to focus his efforts on the energy sector, driven by his environmental convictions. As CEO, he develops Opinum's visibility and leads the company's global strategy.

Opinum brings together everything that drives me: the need to create a tool with an environmental impact, innovation, ownership, and a trusted team.

Product Team

With 18 years of experience in digital product management, she manages the roadmap and ensures that Opinum Data Hub™ evolves to meet the customers needs with the most powerful technologies. Pivot between business and IT, she is responsible for the performance of the platform, as well as the design of new features until their launch on the market.

Development Team

The development team functions around three pillars of Opinum Data Hub solution: the user interface, the application layer and the data processor engine. Flexible development methodologies are used to enable an optimal improvement while ensuring production quality.

Project Team

Stéphane, with his team, supports Opinum clients in their usage and customization of Data Hub™.

Finance and Administration Team

He is responsible for Opinum's overall profitability, cost management, and implementation of the best sales strategies

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