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3D Character/Monster Modeler - F/H/NB

Permanent contract
Salary: €34K to 38K
Starting date: December 31, 2023
Experience: > 2 years


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The position

Job description


  • Are you passionate about the world of 3D character and monster modeling, with a knack for bringing fantastical beings and heroes to life in the digital realm?

  • Do you possess experience in using industry-standard software such as Blender and Unreal Engine 5, and have a portfolio showcasing your ability to create diverse and captivating character and monster designs?

  • Are you ready to contribute your creative talents to our exciting projects at Novaquark, where your skills will be instrumental in crafting memorable and immersive in-game characters and creatures?

Why do we need a 3D Character/Monster Modeler?

Today we are working on the development of three games (from A to AAA, in multiple genres from driving to action adventure) each offering a unique gaming experience (you’ll be focusing on an action adventure project). To breathe life into these virtual worlds, we require a 3D Character/Monster Modeler who can create a diverse range of 3D characters and creatures that align with the artistic vision of our games.

Your future team

The team (10 to 15 people in total) is composed of graphic designers, tech artists, animators, programmers as well as people more specialized in Level Design and Game Design. You will work in correlation with all these people.

All supervised by Jérémie (Artistic Director) and Eric (Lead 3D Art), your future manager.

Eric, Lead 3D Art, started in publishing by illustrating book covers (like Philip K. Dick) and collaborated with authors like Gerard Klein. He then evolved in the video game industry, working for companies such as Quantic Dream, Ubisoft, and EA, and contributing to games like The Nomad Soul and The Sims. With experience in various graphic positions, Eric can synthesize the needs of a graphic team while managing production constraints and maintaining a work environment based on sharing and respect.

Jérémie, Artistic Director, has over 15 years of experience in video games in Montreal, having been Associate Artistic Director and Senior Concept Artist on franchises like Dead by Daylight and Star Citizen. He specializes in defining a clear and effective artistic vision through artistic direction documents and is attentive to details to provide you with all the tools and resources necessary to achieve the production teams’ objectives.

Key information

  • Permanent contract (Freelance is ok too!)

  • Availability: January 2024 (if available earlier, do not hesitate to apply!)

  • Location: Paris or Montreal

  • Compensation and Benefits (France):

    💸 34k€ to 38k€ (+ depending on profile)

    🌍 Full remote possible

    🏖️ 25 paid holidays + 12 RTT

    🍴 Lunch vouchers via Swile

    🩺 Health insurance via Alan, 100% covered

  • Compensation and Benefits (Canada):

    💸 60k$ to 85k$ (+ depending on profile)

    🌍 Full remote possible

    🏖️ 20 paid holidays

    🩺 Premium health insurance

    💰 Opening of a retirement savings account after the probationary period

Preferred experience

Your future impact

  • Creative 3D Modeling Virtuoso: As a 3D Character/Monster Modeler, you will showcase exceptional skills in crafting 3D character and creature models that breathe life into our gaming universe. Your ability to design and model diverse characters and monsters will be instrumental in defining the visual richness of our games.

  • Creating Character textures: You will create PBR textures, shaders Materials, and procedural textures for our games while respecting technical constraints with Substance Painter and Photoshop.

  • Collaborative Animator: You will work closely with animators and technical artists to ensure that your character and creature models seamlessly transition into fully animated and engaging entities within our games. Your contributions will enhance the depth and interactivity of our virtual worlds.

  • Creative Collaboration: Your role will involve close collaboration with our Art Director and Concept Artists to bring their visions to life. Your ability to capture the essence of characters and creatures will be key in maintaining artistic continuity throughout our projects.

  • Mentorship and Growth: You will actively participate in team critiques and mentor junior artists, sharing your knowledge and expertise. Your guidance will help foster a culture of artistic growth and innovation within our Art team.

For players, your impact will be evident in the form of captivating and memorable in-game characters and creatures that enhance their gaming experience, whether they are embarking on epic quests or facing formidable adversaries.

For the game, your contribution will be essential in establishing the visual identity and immersion of our virtual worlds, elevating the overall quality of the gaming experience.

For internal teams, your influence will be seen in the collaborative and innovative culture within our Art team, as you actively contribute to the growth and development of your fellow artists.

Recruitment process

  1. First exchange (20 min) by phone with Arthur (Recruiter): To learn more about your experience, your interests, and to discuss the job and Novaquark

  2. Art test (4-5 days): We’ll give you an art test to assess your art skills.

  3. Technical/Manager interview (45 min) via video call with Eric (Lead 3D): To continue to assess your art skills and meet your future manager who will present the job in more detail.

  4. (Optional) Final Interview (30 to 45 min) via video with Jérémie (Art Director): If necessary, this last conversation will offer insights into Novaquark’s long-term artistic vision by directly speaking with our Art Director.

Throughout the entire recruitment process, Arthur will ensure follow-up and coordination. Do not hesitate to send your portfolio in addition to your CV to showcase your creations!

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