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NOOSA is a startup that aims to revolutionise the textile industry by offering an innovative and circular fibre. Created from bio-based materials, NOOSA fibre is 100% recyclable thanks to its patented recycling process. In other words, we regenerate your used textiles into virgin quality fibre over and over again.

NOOSA helps the textile industry to recycle pre- and post-consumer textile waste by guaranteeing the complete recycling of its fibre at the end of its life.

What they are looking for

At NOOSA we are looking for candidates who are

  • motivated and curious to learn more about the textile industry
  • a work ethic: you are willing to do anything to make NOOSA a success
  • initiative: we have high ambitions but at this stage things can get messy and we are looking for people who can prioritise and get things done
  • with a can-do attitude: don't see the problems, only the solutions

Good to know

At NOOSA we value a multicultural environment, whether in the office or in our activities, you will speak several languages, travel the world and meet people from all over!

Amongst us, we have a contest to see who can visit the most beautiful industrial area in the world, we have a participative vegetable garden and we are a team of foodies!

The atmosphere is relaxed, come as you are!

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