Environment / Sustainable Development, Specialised Engineering

Bordeaux, Madrid


☀️🌡️ Newheat is a renewable heat supplier and the leader in solar heat in France.

Founded in 2015 by two passionate and committed entrepreneurs, the company offers innovative decarbonization solutions for large heat consumers such as urban heating networks and large industrial sites. Its activity is to develop, design, build, finance and operate heat production projects that can combine waste heat recovery, solar thermal and short and long term thermal storage systems.

Thus its mission is to provide its customers with complete, reliable and competitive decarbonization solutions. Based in Bordeaux, Newheat currently has 37 employees and is accelerating its development in France and internationally.

What they are looking for

What do the Newheatians have in common? All are driven by the desire to offer an energy alternative to build a sustainable future. Beyond technical skills, the company is looking for dynamic, curious and committed profiles who wish to contribute to the emergence of new virtuous energy solutions.

Good to know

  • Newheat's technical skills are recognized worldwide, whether through R&D programs (winners of national and European competitions), or through the International Energy Agency's working groups that it leads and in which it actively participates.
  • Based in Bordeaux, Newheat opened in 2022 offices in Madrid and Sydney
  • Corporate life outside of work is essential: more information in the tab "Benefits and Perks"

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