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Paris 2e Arrondissement, Francfort-Sur-Le-Main, Luxembourg, Zürich

Gilles has always worked in the software industry and joined NeoXam in 2017 as the CTO and Director of R&D.

His favorite topics are user experience, software factory and ….the PSG football club!

His role is to lead the NeoXam’s software production, at several sites, for their offers around data management, investment management and compatibility, reporting and compliance.

Rim started here six years ago in our Tunis entity as an assurance quality engineer, then as a team leader in the investment accounting team.

Three years ago, Rim took advantage of the flexibility of moving from Tunis to Paris where she created a new team called “DevOps Cloud.

A modern and flexible society that keeps with the times is how Freddy, a functional consultant, has described NeoXam. He has been with the company for two years and works with our customers daily!

It is this proximity to the customers and the variety of tasks that he likes here at NeoXam.

Fabien has been with NeoXam for more than ten years and started as an implementation consultant. After moving to Milan, Italy for two years, he is now manager of a consulting team for the NeoXam data management and reporting solutions. His career at NeoXam has been plentiful so far.

He has been able to work on three different solutions as well as various intersecting projects while collaborating with different teams such as the R&D, consulting, and the sales teams that are here in France and internationally.


We are a financial software development company focusing on banking, asset management and insurance. We have over 500 employees in ten different countries across four continents.

The R&D department of our company is essential and at the core of our activity: totaling 250 people mainly from our Paris and Tunis locations.

Our team of over 200 consultants work on implementing our software with our clients.

In Paris, our teams are all located in the center of the city, opposite the Brongniart palace, a historic and symbolic site of the stock exchange. This is an important symbol for illustrating our specialization in the world of finance.

Our field of activity encompasses finance, more specifically, investment management and data management. Our clients are therefore management companies, fund administrators, banks, stock exchanges, and insurance companies.

If you have a financial investment today, it is very likely that NeoXam software will be able to help manage it!

What they are looking for

NeoXam is a company with a human dimension that continues to develop in France and internationally.

We are looking for future colleagues who reflect our image : friendly, open-minded, invested, passionate, daring, and who are team players.

Good to know

Here in Paris, you will not always have a desk for yourself, in the same place, or with the same colleagues. However, you will be able to move around and meet new people and benefit from remote working. We are a 100% “flex office” and we have recently renovated our premises. The key criteria for joining our family, NeoXam:

  • Know how to share your office, your ideas, and especially your jokes…
  • Be able to walk more than 15,000 steps a day to help your team win
  • Know how to draw
  • If you like to eat, our café NeoX’Miam awaits you

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