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Biomedical Engineer / Signal Processing AI

Internship(6 months)
Salary: Not specified
Starting date: January 01, 2024
Occasional remote

Naox Technologies
Naox Technologies

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The position

Job description

As an intern in biomedical engineering, you will be involved in innovative projects focused on signal processing, with a particular emphasis on EEG signals. The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of biomedical concepts and prior experience in the field, along with expertise in signal processing and knowledge in artificial intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning.


  • EEG Signal Analysis: Perform advanced analyses of EEG signals to extract relevant information.

  • Algorithm Development: Design, develop, and implement signal processing algorithms to enhance the quality and efficiency of EEG analysis.

  • AI Integration: Apply artificial intelligence techniques, including machine learning and deep learning, to improve the detection and interpretation of patterns in EEG data.

  • Validation and Testing: Collaborate with the team to validate the results of developed algorithms and ensure consistency with project requirements.

  • Documentation: Write technical reports and document methodologies, results, and conclusions in a clear and concise manner.

  • Technology Watch: Stay updated on technological and scientific advancements in the biomedical, signal processing, and AI fields.

Preferred experience

  • Students exclusively from prestigious engineering schools (Grandes Ecoles) or equivalent institutions, specializing in biomedical engineering, signal processing, or related fields.

  • Mandatory previous experience in the biomedical domain, preferably engaged in projects related to EEG.

  • Advanced proficiency in signal processing is a prerequisite.
    In-depth understanding and practical application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

  • Demonstrated expertise in programming tools, including Python, MATLAB, or equivalent.

  • Capacity to work autonomously as well as collaboratively in a team.
    Strong communication and technical writing skills are crucial.

Recruitment process

remote technical test

interview with internship supervisor and CTO

Final interview with CEO

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