Jean Patry has a background in maths and science, and is passioned about programmatic design. He was hired as a software developer and as one of the first employees of a French startup called Stupeflix, which focused on making video editing apps. 4 years ago, Stupeflix was acquired by GoPro and Jean became Product Manager there, eventually managing GoPro’s own video editing app.

Almost 3 years ago, Jean left the company along with Francescu in order to start their own venture. Shortly after, the company was accepted to the prestigious YC accelerator program as part of the Winter 2018 batch.

Ali has a background in networks and telcos. While working in this field, he started learning iOS development on his nighttimes and became a freelancer.

After this, he decided to become a full-time mobile developer and joined a bunch of very successful tech companies: Zenly, Stupeflix (where he met the mojo founders), and last GoPro. He left GoPro in 2018 to work on a mobile e-commerce startup project.

In June 2019, Ali accepted to join the mojo team. Ali has also been passioned about photography for 15 years, and is very talented at it, even though he is too humble to say so.

Francescu is a proud Corsican with a solid background in computer science. He started two companies before joining Stupeflix as an iOS software developer, at the same time as Jean did.

He quickly evolved to become the mobile lead developer at Stupeflix and then, after the startup was acquired, managed the mobile engineering team at GoPro, reporting directly to GoPro’s VP of engineering. He left GoPro along with Jean.

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mojo is an app to create animated social stories with a professional look. Users can choose from hundreds of templates and modify them to their needs.

The app was launched in late 2018. Users and revenues have grown strongly since. Mojo is now the #1 app to create animated content for Instagram stories. Recently, the app reached 20M installs and passed the $1M mark in monthly gross revenue.

In 2018, the company went through the Y Combinator accelerator program. The ambition for mojo is to become the leading app for short video creation on mobile.

What they are looking for

The mojo team is looking for teammates that value:

  • autonomy: mojo encourages self-learning and initiative above all
  • impact: every decision the mojo team makes should either yield new learnings, help the team or improve the product
  • extreme transparency: no topic is taboo, all info is public by default (including individual compensations), etc.
  • good vibes: at mojo every workday has to be enjoyable. Being enthusiastic and positive is vital for the team. Being bad at making good jokes is also a plus :)

Good to know

mojo is a remote-friendly team: only 2 days every other week is asked from teammates in terms of office presence. However, all the teammates living in Paris prefer to come at the office every day, to enjoy the atmosphere which is super fun and energetic. Some mojo teammates are used to playing video games at lunch time, or goes out for indoor soccer on a monthly basis.

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