Industry Project Manager

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Starting date: January 06, 2025
A few days at home
Experience: > 3 years
Education: Master's Degree
Skills & expertise
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Communication skills
Mechanical skills


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The position

Job description

You will join the Operations department, whose mission is to deploy software to our customers, but also to maintain and continuously improve the diagnostic methodology.
The department is divided into 3 teams: Project Management, Process, and Customer Success.

As part of the Project Management team, you will be the main point of contact to ensure a successful delivery of our tool to our customers.
You main missions will be to :

  • Own the relationship with the industrial customer you’ll be in charge.

  • Drive projects and interact with internal project stakeholders and contributors for each customer.

  • Analyse and understand how our customers are operating.

  • Build and adapt our Metroscope product to the customers’ process and needs.

  • Contribute to product updates with our Product Development team.

  • Support Business on technical ground.

The projects you’ll lead will be chosen depending on your past experience and according to Metroscope’s projects needs. Key words will be customer’s satisfaction, project management, tackling energy problematics.


  • For the variety of technical projects you’ll be exposed to as well as the opportunities to develop yourself in a fast growing company.

  • To have a positive impact on the climate. We are committed to the energy transition and contribute to the energy efficiency of industrial players, particularly power plants (nuclear, gas, etc.).

  • Because of our human, positive and caring work environment, which values cultural exchanges

Preferred experience

Educational and professional background

  • You have a engineering degree, specialized in Energy .

  • You have experience working with / within industrial environments. Experience with main electricity production assets / industries with a thermodynamic process would be a huge plus.

  • You have experience managing technicals projects with multiple stakeholders.

  • You have worked with international stakeholders and are completely fluent in English.

Hard skills

  • A technical background and thermodynamics knowledge are a must to be able to better understand our customers challenges as well as our process team’s.

  • You’re at ease with data and you are ready to develop / re-activate your knowledge of Python to appropriate the data of a customer and better follow the work lead by data scientists.

Soft skills

  • You have knack for customer relationship and bringing them add value is one fo your main focus.

  • You have a naturel taste for solving technical problems and do not hesitate to take initiatives to go further when you have a lead.

  • You know how to work within a team: leading some tasks, delegating others as well as sharing your experience and best practices.

Bonus points if

  • You have hands-on, industrial onsite experience

  • You are familiar with machine learning / have already used a tool based on statistical pattern recognition

Last but not least, you have a high interest in the industry / energy sector and are willing to contribute to energy transition.


📌 This position is based in our Paris office, boulevard Haussmann, 3 minutes from the Saint-Lazare train station.

👩‍💻 You will be able to telecommute up to 2 days per week (days determined at your convenience).

Recruitment process

  • 20 min phone call with François, manager of the team

  • Technical interview with Francois + a Project Manager - 1h30

  • Stakeholders Interview with Laurent (Chief Operations Officer) and a Business OR Product stakeholder - 1h

  • 30 min phone call with CEO and HR

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