Marion Duchesne is the founder and CEO of Mediaclip Inc. Marion holds an MBA in Strategic Planning, as well as a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the MIT Sloan School of Business.

In addition to leading Mediaclip, she sits on various boards of directors, including that of the Association Québécoise des Technologies and the Fairy Godmothers, two organizations that respond to the personal mission she has set herself: Attracting girls to IT and leadership positions. Marion offers mentorship, as well as scholarships for young girls who are pursuing their studies in science.

Passionate about scuba diving, travel and exoticism, Marion is a lover of life, an avone epicurean who has made Mediaclip a place where everyone evolves according to their aspirations.

Christian has an extraordinary team spirit and leadership. His dedication to innovation contributes to Mediaclip's success.

Although he tries a lot, Christian is not super good at making jokes and always runs around. But people still trust his intelligence and ethics. A joyful mix of developer, architect, analyst, salesperson and manager, with him everything is possible!

His expertise in building complex distributed systems and managing agile organizations based on the strength of the humans who compose it make him someone quite useful.

Otherwise, he's tripping over the RV when he's not taking care of his bunch of kids.

Passionate about design in all its forms, ranging from IUs to cookies, Kamylle has followed various multidisciplinary trainings, it is a touch to everything.

After several years in the field of printing, she reoriented herself towards the design and programming of interfaces. Being a strong ally in the Mediaclip company, she makes projects moving forward and uses all her creativity at all levels.

When she doesn't have her head in CSS, mockups, and prototypes, you can find her on a dance floor or at video game creation competitions.

Punk rocker at heart, great music enthusiast and martial arts practitioner, Marc has evolved in an atypical career. Having worked in the field of photography, technical service and project management, he sets his sights on the methods of work organization and team cohesion.

With his way of seeing things differently and his pedagogical talents, the role of Scrum Master/Agile Coach was truly designed for him.


Mediaclip develops a white-label web app that allows users to customize a wide range of online photo products, such as photobooks, cards, stationery, gifts, canvas, etc.

They provide printing companies and retailers with a single user interface that drives strong sales growth while building customer loyalty. Their software has integrated hundreds of websites worldwide.

Their flexible solution is based on an open architecture. Hosted on Azure, it integrates with any ecommerce platform. It processes millions of uploads daily by providing a powerful and secure system.

Mediaclip Designer, their HTML5 user interface, allows you to customize any type of products, instantly, on any connected device. It provides a quick and easy personalization experience with its simple and easy-to-use tools.

What they are looking for

At Mediaclip, employees are united around a clear vision and product that offers proven competitive advantages and huge market potential.

In strong growth and always aligned with its vision to democratize product personalization, Mediaclip recruits new talents who are autonomous, who take pleasure in collaborative work, who show initiative and demonstrate good learning abilities and a crazy desire to take on challenges.

Good to know

What makes them so likeable? Each person in this business is human. The Mediaclip team understands the importance of work-life balance.

  • There is no overtime!
  • You choose the place where you want to work: from home, from the office or from the new Mediaclip cottage... You decide!
  • Develop your skills in an environment where best development practices software are applied.
  • Agility, meaning the flexibility and the rigour and excellence, is found at all levels of the company.
  • Continuing education is part of their DNA, they work with the latest technologies out there.
  • In the office, you will have fruits every week, foosball challenges, chair massages and a family of joyful lurons to rub shoulders with... Isn't that happiness at work?
  • It's your birthday? You have to celebrate! They provide you a leave (holiday)!
  • They have insurance, extended holidays, they reimburse your expenses for sports, fun activities, memorable Happy hours and a ton of other benefits.

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