At ManoMano, we bet on passionate and innovative people! Are you looking for a great environment to grow professionally and personally ? Join us in this tremendous adventure !



ManoMano is built around 3 key values - ingenuity, boldness and care - combined with a strong and ambitious human vision driven by our founders from day one.

This vision has become a way of living for the company: to co-construct a working and development environment where each Mana and Mano finds their rightful place and can grow within the company.

With "WorkAtom", ManoMano provides an ambitious remote working policy.

We have chosen to build an extensive and flexible remote working model, which puts the employee at the centre of the organisation, while still ensuring performance and resilience.

"WorkAtom" is a play on words for our new remote working model. The name refers to the English phrase ‘work at home’ but also to the representation of atoms, like our employees, which gravitate around a nucleus to form a single organisation.

The idea is to allow each individual to work at their own rhythm while choosing their living environment to better fulfill their work.

What does this mean in practice?

  • From 0 to 5 days of remote working per week, according to the employee’s preference.
  • 8 weeks of full remote working per year in a location other than the employee's main residence
  • Employees can work anywhere in France or Spain (according to the country of contract)
  • Enhanced community life with physical participation in 6 team events per year
  • To develop tools that preserve the sense of belonging and strengthen the community: reinforced onboarding of new Manas & Manos, regular face-to-face team meetings and department events.

We currently are more than 1000 Manas & Manos, including a quarter of international talents and 24 nationalities, working in our 4 offices (Paris x2, Bordeaux and Barcelona).

Our vision, as a responsible European B2C and B2B industry leader online, is to offer a unique value proposition on our HI markets, beyond product to services, to be an A Brand. Our ManoMano way of life, within business hypergrowth, is to always keep the human dimension at its right place. Empowering people to responsibly make their own kind of world is our mission.

Our company culture

People are at the heart of ManoMano’s culture around our 3 core values : boldness, ingenuity and care.

Our company culture


as a market challenger we must be bold in the decisions we take to really make a difference in our client’s lives.


in a fast and competitive environment ingenuity is our best tool to move faster than competitors and optimize our resources.


towards people & the planet. Responsibility is our active way to care for people and the planet.

Manos and Manas….

Towards people: … have a genuine interest in helping people develop their talent and making sure they are at the right place. …. set high standards for themselves and their teams. … work together, trust one another and always want the other person’s best interest while assuming they want your best too.

Towards the planet: …. place responsibility at the heart of our value creation ... can have a positive impact on the planet by taking action to reduce harms to the environment ... are empowered to shape responsibly the world they want to live in

What you will be a part of

Joining us is a tremendous human and business adventure ! We offer an ideal and (hyper) dynamic environment to put your skills on innovative and concrete projects on a European scale.

What you will be a part of


Created in 2013, ManoMano is unstoppable! Thanks to our fundraising ($725 million to date, including $355 million in July 2021), ManoMano is now officially part of the unicorn club with a valuation of $2.6 billion. Today we have 1,000 Manas & Manos and this year we’re still hiring across France and Spain.

We operate in 6 countries: France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Germany. ManoMano has more than 16 million products and more than 4,000 carefully selected sellers.

Proud to be part of Next 40 since 2019 (Top 40 French startups), at ManoMano we aim to reinvent the DIY, garden, and home experience by offering our customers a one-stop solution for easy access to innovative online advice, products, and services.

Joining ManoMano is, above all, a fantastic human adventure where the company’s core values and projects are driven by our talented employees.

Our sense of partnership, efficiency, and employee-centric mentality (this is crucial to us!) has led us to become a company that is recognised for providing optimal working conditions.

Have a look at our Blog :

What they are looking for

Above all, we are looking for new talent, coming from all sorts of backgrounds with an e-commerce touch, in order to integrate into our Data, IT, Communication, Product, and Customer Management teams.

Ingenuity, Boldness, Care and Teamwork are our keywords!

We are looking for “Doers” who will help us democratise access to DIY & Gardening with Web technologies.

Good to know

The working environment and conditions are essential to showcase the creativity of our teams!

  • Career plan
  • From 0 to 5 days of remote working per week
  • 30 days of paid holiday
  • Intensive working hours in August
  • Friday afternoons are off
  • Gym membership
  • Language lessons
  • Private health insurance
  • Flexible retribution

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