Senior Core Developer - BCN

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
A few days at home
Experience: > 5 years


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Madbox is a mobile gaming company, creating and publishing its own games worldwide. Since 2018 Madbox has gathered more than 300 million players, still growing. We are looking for top talents with mad skills, a mad passion and a mad ambition to join us.

At Madbox, we strongly believe in improving our efficiency day after day in order to become faster and stronger. To make that happen, we've dedicated entire teams to automation and we've built tools to simplify the way we manage our marketing operations and game development. The idea of Game Automation is to stick to the DRY principle: Don't Repeat Yourself! Every time we code something that will be reused somewhere else, we centralize it in a module.

We now have a solid stack of resusable modules, such as remote settings, progression save, ads manager and analytics manager, just to name a few. We know this journey is far from being over, and that's why we're looking for a Senior Game Automation Developer to join the team. This person would be in charge of maintaining the stack, pushing forward its development and reviewing any contributions made by other developers.


Finally, we're looking for a senior candidate with experience and knowledge about the best practices in the industry. We need a reliable ally as we enter the world of live Ops and online games.

Your journey at Madbox as a Senior Game Automation Developer :

  • Starts by Onboarding on one of our games in development.
  • Meet the Madbox different departments and key business entities.
  • Learn how our tech stack works and relates to a game.
  • Move to the Game Automation Team working on the modules that all the games of the company use.
  • What will be expected from you ?

  • Work on the development of the core of our tech stack
  • Review contributions of other developers to the tech stack to guarantee global coherence.
  • Shape our stack architecture: how things interact and work together.
  • Be ready to assist any game development team in smoothly solving the technical issues that might require your help
  • Madbox IS the right place if you are/have

  • Passionate about gaming.
  • Experience in Unity as a game/tools developer.
  • Experience on maintaining and supporting shared technology between different games.
  • Love to find the better tech solution for hard problems.
  • Focused on solving problems and owner of the solution process.
  • Love to find tools to automate processes and recycle code to have an increasingly bigger shared technology.
  • A team player that is ready to give and receive feedback.
  • Madbox is NOT the right place if you are looking for

  • Full remote position working isolated of the team.
  • Need micro management to achieve your tasks.
  • Deploying a tech agenda based on theoretical believes.
  • How do we hire at Madbox ?

  • A call with the hiring manager (CTO)
  • Meet someone from the leadership team
  • A home assignment
  • A review of the test with the CTO and the Head of Game Tech
  • A call with our CEO
  • NB: All our offer are extended within 48 hours maximum

    Perks and benefits ☕️

  • At Madbox, we believe that working in a great environment where you can express your creativity is essential. To ensure the best quality of life at work, we provide a place where Madboxers can enjoy perks and benefits, build strong relationship with each other in order to explore & shape their journey together. 
  • What we offer

  • Competitive compensation : our compensation grid is regularly reviewed based on the evolution on the market to ensure everyone at Madbox is fairly compensated and receives frequent updates.
  • Hybrid remote policy: 3 days on site minimum per week + 15 additional working days fully remote per year
  • CWS : Culture, Wellness & Sport, is a budget Madbox dedicated to each employee for them to self develop and take care of themselves
  • Holidays : hyper-flexible 25 days off policy (take it when you need it)
  • Birthday day off 🎂
  • Health of Our Madboxers is Essential Satinas Health Insurance (100% covered by Madbox)
  • Flexible retribution program for Childcare (Kindergarden)
  • Lunch coupons: Take advantage of the Edenred card, 100% covered by Madbox (retribución en especie)
  • Transport Fees : Retribución flexible
  • Amazing Offices: Come and explore our offices in the heart of Barcelona ! From taking a nap in our resting room to enjoying our sunny rooftop ☀️
  • Home office Expenses bonus
  • Team Macbook or Team PC? 🖥 We provide all the necessary equipment
  • English Lessons : as our main langage in both studios is English, you can enjoy group lessons with your peers thanks to our private teacher
  • Madgen : yearly company event
  • Location

  • This position is available in Barcelona 🇪🇸 OR Paris 🇫🇷
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