Principal Software Engineer

Principal Software Engineer

  • 19, Boulevard Poissonnière, Paris, 75002
  • Permanent contract 
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    Who are they?

    Lynceus is building the first predictive OS for manufacturers. They use manufacturing data and process comprehension to predict the performance of goods and systems within factories. They eventually aim to integrate within the process control tools, and allow for powerful simulations of new process steps.

    Semiconductor manufacturing is their first market, but they are also relevant for most high added-value manufacturing, with use cases proven in LED, battery, biopharma and chemical industries. 

    Job description

    • Own the development of our software platform deployed in the cloud and at the edge in factories

    • Define and execute best practices to ensure security, robustness and performance

    • Interact directly with customers to add features to our product

    • Visit semiconductor factories and drive customer integration with billion dollars factories

    • Partner effectively with product managers and researchers to maintain and execute against the product roadmap

    • Work as hands-on developer 50%-80% of the time initially, will go down as the team grows

    Preferred experience

    Candidates should have the following qualities:

    • 5+ years of hands-on Software engineering

    • Track-record of designing and developing web services at scale

    • Experience with MVC, domain driven design and hexagonal backend architectures

    • Experience interacting with product teams

    • Agile and iterative mindset

    • Comfort in providing customer support

    • Ability to receive and integrate customer feedback

    The following are not required but would be beneficial

    • Experience in human and technical management

    • Experience with AWS common services

    • Experience with Python and FastAPI

    • Basic understanding of machine learning

    Recruitment process

    The whole interview process will be in English as English is our working language.

    Please kindly submit your CV in English.

    • HR Manager - 30min

    • VP of Product and Engineering - 30 min

    • Technical Interview - 1.5 hours

    • Co-founder - 30 min


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