Senior Traffic Manager

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Lisbon
  • Partial remote authorized

The company



    The job

    Senior Traffic Manager

    • Permanent contract 
    • Starting date:  
    • Lisbon
    • Partial remote authorized


    Pour créer une protection qui assure - au lieu d’une assurance qui déçoit. Pour mettre fin aux petits astérisques et aux exceptions. Pour la résolution d’un problème en un clic.
    Lovys milite, bien sûr, pour placer le consommateur au cœur de l’expérience en assurance.

    Concrètement : Lovys propose un abonnement mensuel d’assurance comme alternative aux vieux contrats.

    La différence ? En plus d’une expérience 100% digitale, le client peut modifier ou résilier son abonnement d’assurance à tout moment, mais aussi le personnaliser en fonction de ses besoins.

    C’est si simple, l’avenir de l’assurance de biens.

    Job description

    You are a real expert on acquisition on Google’s broad range of products, either because you have the experience and a strong track record from your previous job(s), or because you have worked yourself at Google.

    You love all the topics around performance, analytics and bringing in new clients is what drives you most. You are eager to move to a fast-paced environment, where you can keep learning, being challenged and testing new ideas.

    About the team
    You will be integrated in the Marketing team, who is in charge of D2C user acquisition, brand management, content, communication and we are active contributors to the company’s product roadmap.

    Your Responsabilities
    Run and optimize, from start to finish, the current Lovys campaigns on Google Ads Mainly SEM and YouTube.
    Conduct performance analysis and optimization of each ad network, considering we target several products and countries.
    Collaborate closely with the Data team to analyse and understand the results of campaigns and develop clear optimizations, based on users’ behaviour and predictive analytics.
    Present clear and consistent reports to the team, with the results of the campaigns – CAC, ROAS and payback time - and recommended optimizations, both structural and the creatives.
    Contribute to an A/B test roadmap to optimize ad monetization efforts
    Suggest new channels, campaigns or campaigns’ configurations to improve Lovys acquisition KPI’s.
    Become the go-to-person for new product and new market launches with regard to information on acquisition via paid channels.

    Preferred experience

    You have done it before. With great success. We don’t care about certification, only a strong track record (Strongly recommended In SEM & YouTube).
    You have 3 years of proof working with Google ads search
    You have good communication skills (including and foremost written communication skills).
    You are a critical thinker but you genuinely like to work in cross-functional teams, with peers that do not think alike.
    You are detailed-oriented but your perfectionism does not stop you from testing and trying new things.
    You are eager to change things but you understand the value of incremental impact
    You love this sentence “If you have no figures to discuss and we are only going to debate opinions, then we better stick to mine.”
    You have a crazy love/hate relationship with KPIs analysis and tracking.
    You would easily pass 1h or more, at a café (or in some other place, that’s the important part), discussing the following topic “What’s still good about manual bidding”.

    Why us?
    A competitive salary.
    Being part of one of the fastest Insurtechs in Europe
    A management that does not argue with you over a keyword, that trusts your research and your experience, and that works alongside you
    The opportunity to make intelligent mistakes, learn fast and bring impact.

    Meet the team

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