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After working as a mechanic and architect on the transmission systems of the Peugeot PSA brand. Denis Mourrain took up new challenges in the development of thermodynamic heating solutions within the Atlantic SA Group. Professionally, Denis works on a great human challenge: sharing.

Emmanuel leads our internal and external customer experience and centric communications and efforts. His team is the voice of the customer here at LivingPackets and he uses his past experiences to combine European and U.S. best practices.

Prior to LivingPackets, he has worked in tech, sales and product development giving him a 360° understanding of the startup ecosystem.

Emerging from a rich university background and more specifically from scientific research in robotics, Mathieu Porez joined LivingPackets 3 years ago.

Today, he is responsible for our Embedded Electronics activities, and is in charge of daily developments and innovation.

Claire joined us to bring all of her diverse experiences to benefit LivingPackets. Her rich background in the hotel and restaurant industry, and as a self-employed entrepreneur in the world of couture has enabled her to develop skills in personnel management, accounting as well as sales and human relations.

Claire is a unifying part of the LivingPackets team always ready to help and make things move forward for the better.

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LivingPackets wants to create the most convenient, secure and sustainable packaging in the world (.... enabling fully transparent transactions for the very first time). All that, while significantly reducing e-commerce waste and saving millions of trees that end up in one-way waste packaging.

What they are looking for

They seek people who share their desire to make the world a better place and who enjoy working in a dynamic environment with a solid team. They encourage ideas, look for forward-thinking individuals and encourage everyone to challenge the status quo toward our goal of making the world a better world through THE BOX, its services and its bright future.

Key values that define them :

  • Transparency
  • Proactivity
  • Diversity
  • Growth mind set
  • Motivation
  • Sustainability

Good to know

They are all intimately committed to making the world a better place and in making a difference in the ever-growing e-commerce market in particular.

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