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LittleBig Connection

Recruitment, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software

Vernier, Barcelone, Bordeaux, Bruxelles, Lille, Lyon, Madrid, Montréal, Nantes, Niort, Paris, Tunis

With a background in business development and communications in Germany, Constance joined the Mantu ecosystem in 2013 as a manager in Health Economics and Market Access in the UK. Constance stepped into the role of CEO of LittleBig Connection in 2020 after overseeing Mantu's operations in North America, the UK and Ireland. Her aim is to help take the business to the next level and lead the strategy with the teams to achieve our long-term ambition. Constance is also passionate about sustainability and believes that the future of innovation and business lies in solving real world social and environmental challenges. Fun fact: Outside of work, Constance combines her love of nature with a passion for outdoor sports, including marathon and half Ironman triathlons.

Bastien joined the LittleBig Connection sales team in 2021 as Account Manager. He deals with several important clients in the South-East of France. Every day he interacts with tons of people, clients, freelancers, other account managers from different companies. Bastien enjoys meeting new people and helping his clients achieve their goals. Fun fact: Bastien works in Lyon, but he is a fan of the Saint-Etienne football team, which is Lyon's rival football team.

Over the past 12 years, Sebastien has developed a true passion for creating high customer service and high value organizations. He decided to join LittleBig Connection as Chief Customer Officer to take on the challenge of transforming the company into an international business and to actively participate in the future of work. Fun fact: He is passionate about mountaineering and teaches his passion to anyone who dares to try.

After 2 and a half years working for McDonald's in France as a Corporate Communications Officer, Irene joined the LittleBig Connection marketing team in Barcelona in 2021. As the Brand and Communication Manager, she works on strategies to increase awareness of LittleBig Connection and develop a strong brand name and image. PR, social networks, events, 360 campaigns... no stone is left unturned! Fun fact: she is happy to finally have the opportunity to live in Spain and get closer to her Spanish roots (and the sun, of course).

After 4 years as a developer, including 2 years at LittleBig Connection, Romain switched to a career as a product manager. Based in Paris, he is now Principal Product Manager, bringing his expertise on the product and overseeing all product communication while helping product managers maintain their roadmaps. Fun fact: He is always injured in some way but can tell a hilarious joke (or not) at any time.


The world of work has been transforming at an incredible speed.  Corporations are searching beyond their walls for new skills, while smaller firms and freelancers are demanding greater freedom and new possibilities. 

At LittleBig Connection, we create a direct, transparent link between all stakeholders, big and little. 

We establish seamless relationships by bringing together the right people with the right profiles, so they can team up more easily than ever before. 

What they are looking for

Whether you are a Business Developer, a Product Owner or a Community Manager, in France or abroad, we are looking for passionate and open-minded people who are not afraid to take initiatives and to work hand in hand with colleagues coming from all geographical horizons and expertises to build tomorrow's world of work!

Joining LittleBig Connection means joining international and motivated teams who are not afraid to take on new challenges together!

Good to know

  • They are fans of agile working methods
  • Karaoke is a highly respected sport
  • They have kept their childlike spirit and are unbelievably knowledgeable about Pokémon
  • The sun (almost) never sets at LittleBig Connection

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