LittleBig Connection

LittleBig Connection

Recruitment, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software

Vernier, Barcelone, Bordeaux, Bruxelles, Lille, Lyon, Madrid, Montréal, Nantes, Niort, Paris, Tunis

Commitments and CSR

We focus our actions on three main pillars of sustainability.

First, contributing to the fight against climate change. We have completed a voluntary three-tiered carbon footprint assessment, followed by a rigorous reduction target and a plan to offset any remaining emissions. We are committed to achieving net zero emissions in line with the targets set by SBTi.

Second, increasing diversity and inclusion in our teams. With locations in more than 16 countries, our goal is to build a community that is representative of this global presence. We want everyone to feel empowered and have equal opportunity, regardless of nationality, language, gender, disability, or personal circumstances.

Third, engaging our teams in sustainability and volunteering initiatives.


The world of work has been transforming at an incredible speed.  Corporations are searching beyond their walls for new skills, while smaller firms and freelancers are demanding greater freedom and new possibilities. 

At LittleBig Connection, we create a direct, transparent link between all stakeholders, big and little. 

We establish seamless relationships by bringing together the right people with the right profiles, so they can team up more easily than ever before. 

What they are looking for

Whether you are a Business Developer, a Product Owner or a Community Manager, in France or abroad, we are looking for passionate and open-minded people who are not afraid to take initiatives and to work hand in hand with colleagues coming from all geographical horizons and expertises to build tomorrow's world of work!

Joining LittleBig Connection means joining international and motivated teams who are not afraid to take on new challenges together!

Good to know

  • They are fans of agile working methods
  • Karaoke is a highly respected sport
  • They have kept their childlike spirit and are unbelievably knowledgeable about Pokémon
  • The sun (almost) never sets at LittleBig Connection

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