Aeronautics / Space, Automotive, Pharmaceutical / Biotech

Grandvillars, Marmande


LISI is a global industrial group. It specializes in the manufacture of high value-added assembly and component solutions for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

LISI is a partner of the largest global players, and is driven by its long-term family values. The Group innovates and invests in the research and development for the products of tomorrow to meet the needs of its clients, especially in terms quality, safety and performance.

How does LISI stand out? By relying on two strategic orientations: innovation and operational excellence, while integrating a strong CSR culture.

What they are looking for

With its conviction of the importance of an effective sustainable development strategy, the LISI Group aims to foster collective commitment. This long-term approach has been built on values that are now shared by all the Group's employees worldwide:

🌄 Looking beyond #Together #Sustainability

📣 Communicate transparently #Together #Integrity

💡 Cultivating innovation #Together #Digital

🙋🏽♀️ Developing our know-how #Together #Evolution

💪 Aiming always higher #Excellence #Pragmatism

On the strength of its values, LISI is particularly committed to the careers of its employees. The vision? To enable them to express the best of themselves. Between the opportunities for jobs, projects and training, everyone is a player in developing their skills and making their professional lives move forward!

Good to know

LISI is located in 13 countries, on 4 continents and with over 40 production sites. This diversity of products, business sectors, jobs and countries is what makes the Group different. It provides a " playing field " in which everyone can build their career path.

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