Digital marketing manager (M/F)


Digital marketing manager (M/F)

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris
  • Occasional remote authorized

The company



  • SaaS / Cloud Services
  • From 15 to 50 employees

The job

Digital marketing manager (M/F)

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris
  • Occasional remote authorized

Who are they?

lempire is a group of passionate and curious individuals who have a healthy obsession with building the world’s finest products and helping entrepreneurs around the globe grow profitable and successful businesses.

The mantra we live by: Do what you shouldn’t.

Want to step inside lempire world?

Our most famous product, lemlist, changed the way people do outreach. lemverse is making remote work feel more connected than ever before. Cold Email and LinkedIn Masterclasses have generated millions of dollars for B2B businesses, startups, and agencies worldwide. There’s also lempod, the tool that we sold in 2020, which helped thousands of people grow their LinkedIn profiles.

Want to know more about lempire?Company culture, teams, technical stack, jobs... Let's go for an immersion!
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Job description

We’re looking for a creative and curious person who loves marketing and is ready to work in a challenging and innovative environment.

In this 360 marketing role, your missions will be related to:

  • Create content that stands out and motivate people to engage and share it
  • Come up with creative ways to generate more traffic on our website
  • Work on user acquisition and retention
  • Build a personal brand
  • Build long-term relationships with your network
  • Organize events, webinars, podcasts
  • Distribute content that grabs attention across different channels
  • Proactively share ideas and best practices to find new and better ways to contribute to company growth

Here’s what your first weeks will look like:

Phase 1: week 1 (Onboarding)

  • Full content audit and getting familiar with our products, lemlist and lemverse
  • Understanding our target audience, outcomes they are chasing, and language they use
  • Take lemlist for a spin and send your first campaign

Phase 2: week 2 (Marketing strategy audit)

  • Audit of the marketing strategy
  • Determine the top priorities on each project
  • Plan the strategy for the top priorities

Phase 3: week 3+ (Marketing action)

  • Launch your first projects
  • Start building and growing your personal brand

Additional information

Our focus with perks and benefits is to offer everything teammates need to do their best, healthiest work and keep developing their craft.

💰  Competitive salary

⛺️ Paris-based position, with the opportunity to work remotely 2-3 days per week, as well as the possibility to work from anywhere for short periods of time

🏡 If you need to relocate to Paris, we’ll provide the professional services (Settlesweet) to help you find a place and make sure you receive all the support you need as you transition to your new city/country

🏝  Vacations: 25 days per year

📈  Profit sharing: When lempire wins, all team members share the profits

💻  Gear: Get a laptop + tools and equipment you need for your job

✈️  Team building: We all meet once per year at a really cool place around the world (you can check our video here ;) )

🤓  Bat(wo)man fund: Your dedicated budget for learning and development

You can also check Mihaela’s LinkedIn post to see how her move to Paris went ;)

Preferred experience

We’re looking for someone passionate about marketing, who likes to think out of the box, and who’s not afraid to challenge the status quo.

  • You’re creative and you think that everyone at work need more fun 🎉
  • You’re a doer. You know that “done is better than perfect”.
  • You love solving problems and learning new things.
  • You’re customer-centric.
  • You understand that planning is necessary but that changing the plan and adapt is part of the game.
  • You have a previous experience in Marketing.
  • You are fluent in English.

Nice to have

  • You’ve used lemlist and lemverse in the past and you know the ins and outs of the products
  • You’ve watched “The Office” multiple times and you understand jokes from Friends (happening regularly in our marketing team)
  • You’ve always had a creative spirit and you used to do your own comercials when you were a kid

Recruitment process

  1. Online application & screening (your CV must be in English). Please add a short video (30 secs is enough ;) ) to introduce yourself and tell us why you’re applying for lempire
  2. Interview with Lucille from People & Culture department
  3. Content marketing test (show us how you think)
  4. Interview with Simon, our Head of People and Culture
  5. Get together (virtual) with our marketing team
  6. Interview with Guillaume, our CEO and Co-Founder

To join lempire, all you gotta do is crush these six steps. :)

P.S. This is the team you’ll be joining
Meet the marketing team



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