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Content Project Manager

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified

Le Wagon
Le Wagon

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Job description

In this context, your main responsibilities as Content Project Manager would be:

Managing the production of new training courses

  • Managing incoming briefs from teams (B2B, B2U, New Products) and communicating effectively with team leads to find out about needs, audience, budget, launch target, technical and operational constraints

  • Implementing a roadmap for each new project, with kickoff meeting, validation milestones and deadlines for which you will be responsible

  • Managing demand from all stakeholders and providing regular updates to the relevant teams to keep them informed of production progress, constraints and technical issues

  • Ensuring that the course materials (video, slide decks, exercise statements, etc.) are of the expected quality and comply with what is laid down in the contract

  • Monitoring production from start to finish to achieve the highest quality, and reporting to management with appropriate monitoring of key performance indicators

  • Supervising async Lecture Video recording, manage translation and proofreading missions for our upcoming training courses abroad

    Working with Content freelancers

    • Providing freelancers with a satisfactory working environment by giving them access to upstream content, templates, documentation, technical support and validation of content by Wagon tech leads

    • Managing the relationship between our freelancers and the legal team: making sure their NDAs are up to date, monitoring production and deadlines

    • Filling in contracts with freelancers’ information, budgets, time estimates and syllabus

    • Managing budgets and payments to freelancers for the production of new content

      Coordinating maintenance of the content catalogue

    • Ensuring all the info about the Content Catalogue is correct and updated with the right owners and documentation

    • Becoming a reference point in the company on the management of the course catalogue and helping the teams in their research

    • Receiving and processing feedback from Ops teams after a training iteration, and converting it into actionable milestones on the content roadmap updates

    • Communicating with the different teams to plan these updates on a content roadmap, grouping the deadlines for each team.

    • Tracking update requests and ensuring prioritization of content updates to the current catalogue

Preferred experience

  • You grasp the challenges involved in learning Tech Skills like Software Development, Data Science, No Code, Digital Marketing, etc.

  • You are a clear and confident communicator, with exceptional written and verbal English & French language skills.

  • You are a creative problem solver - highly structured, organized and have the ability to work to tight deadlines to provide practical solutions on multiple projects.

  • You have strong project management skills and have a real drive for results, with the ability to manage multiple projects at once.

  • You enjoy working in a small team with a high degree of independence.

  • You love clarity and pedagogy and like to see technical or advanced concepts explained in a very practical and fun way.

  • You enjoy working with multiple teams on cross-functional projects

  • Bonus points if you have previous experience working with multi-disciplinary and international teams.

Ready to embark on a content journey like never before? Apply now and let’s create something extraordinary together!

Recruitment process

  • Online application ✅

  • Screening Call with Mia, our Talent Acquisition Manager👋

  • Interview: Case study & debrief with Nolwenn, our Lead Content Manager 🗣

  • On-site meeting of close team members 🤝

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