Laboratoire Puressentiel

Laboratoire Puressentiel

Health, Pharmaceutical / Biotech

Paris, Bruxelles, Genève

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Puressentiel's international expansion has continued to grow with the creation of 9 subsidiaries abroad and the conclusion of new distribution and travel retail agreements. Today, Puressentiel is presented in 100 countries, and is the pioneer of aromatherapy by evidence throughout the world.


The Puressentiel Laboratory was founded in 2005, arising from Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni’s passion for aromatherapy and natural active ingredients, taking the market by storm by democratising aromatherapy with its “ready-to-use” products. A line of safe, effective and user-friendly products!

They are both early adopters of aromatherapy’s effectiveness in treating everyday health and are supported in this adventure by their son Rocco, and Florence, Marco’s sister. Puressentiel, a family and independent laboratory, is first and foremost a human adventure. Day by day, its three cornerstone values are Natural, Performance, and Commitment. They are the basis of the Puressentiel signature: efficacy at its purest!

A solid, ambitious team bolsters a rich family story, building a trusting relationship with its partners and suppliers over the years, and supported, of course, by millions of loyal users worldwide! Because sharing has always been at the heart of their DNA, Puressentiel supports several charities and partners who are also committed to solidarity through the Puressentiel Foundation.

What they are looking for

Puressentiel is looking for motivated, flexible, independent individuals who are committed to spreading its brand values and contributing to its international growth.

Having a team spirit, a sense of rigour, and versatility are essential must-have qualities.

Good to know

Joining the Puressentiel family also means:

  • Working for an independent, committed family laboratory

  • Participating in concrete action through the Puressentiel Foundation

  • International seminars that bring teams together

  • A fantastic team spirit

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