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Learn more about Keypup


Keypup is a French based startup founded in 2019. The company's SaaS solution empowers engineering teams to overcome software development workflow blockers and compliance challenges as they scale by combining real-time actionable insights from their development and project management platforms. Keypup was built by two veteran entrepreneurs who successfully launched a global startup from Australia and exited after a successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 2018.

Keypup aims to become the global leader in development intelligence, enabling engineering teams - and their management chain - to get a greater understanding of their development efforts to facilitate faster time to market as they grow - without compromise on quality and efficiency. Keypup unique positioning enables teams, VPs Engineering and CTOs to get instant access to fully customizable dashboards and widgets to get an accurate view of the development activities at a glance, specifically suited to their needs.

Keypup recently closed a round of investment led by Newfund capital – a French American prominent VC and is fully resourced to execute on its vision.

What they are looking for

Keypup is looking for talented engineers, product managers and marketing heros to develop its product, grow its user base and yes - put a little dent in this Universe of ours!

Resilience is a key factor of success when working in a Startup, so are a can-do attitude, the ability to constructively criticize and offer solutions and the appetite for success and going above and beyond requirements.

Keypup welcomes all types of personalities. They strongly believe that there is no ‘right’ profile for a given job, but that on contrary diversity brings a wealth of creativity, openness and ideation that is plainly beneficial to their company and team members.

At Keypup they value people over diplomas and skills. There is no such thing for them as an “ideal candidate”, but there are people from all walks of life that can just make a tremendous difference for their organization from a business and a human perspective. They strongly believe in the power of teamwork – and in the thirst to learn something new every day.

If you want to be a part of the next very big thing in the SaaS world for developers, then don’t hesitate to apply. The team at Keypup will certainly be happy to start a conversation with you. They need your unique perspective for their continued innovation and success, and are looking forward to learning more about you!

Good to know

A few things you might love about Keypup:

  • It's a product for development teams made by developers. Their motto is: "We - engineers - are the first customers of Keypup".
  • They are at an early stage, most of the work lies ahead of them and you have the opportunity to shape the future of Keypup with them.
  • You will be autonomous in your work. If you work with Keypup it means they trust you, and therefore they do not need to look over your shoulder.
  • They are passionate about what they do. Not only do they work on Keypup but they also strive to help the developers community as a whole.
  • Remote work, office work or your preferred mix. They’re flexible.

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