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Operations International Performance Engagement Director F/H

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Operations International Performance Engagement Director F/H 



Keolis est un des leaders mondiaux de la mobilité partagée et le partenaire privilégié des Autorités Organisatrices de Mobilité. En 2022, le Groupe a connu une croissance significative avec un chiffre d’affaires de 6,7 milliards d’euros. Présent dans 13 pays, nos 68 000 collaborateurs œuvrent chaque jour à la proposition d’une alternative crédible à la voiture individuelle et ainsi à l’accélération de la transition écologique.


Ensemble, nous co-construisons des solutions de transport en commun sûres, performantes et durables. Notre ambition est d’imaginer et de déployer ces mobilités au service de chaque territoire, pour une meilleure qualité de vie de tous et de chacun. 


The Group Operations Department is part of Keolis Group Industrial Division. Its role is ultimately to enhance performance for Operations at Groupe level. It handles content, training, communication, and community management for COO / Operations and Service Delivery experts. It contributes to the KIHO operations industrialization project. The keyfocus is on enhancing operation and service delivery processes, methods, and tools, as well as disseminating benchmarks, feedback, and best practices across the Group. The Operations Department also provides technical support to entities (such as maturity assessments and planning optimizations) and contributes to major bids and mobilizations when needed.

The Keolis Way guidelines emphasize the importance of innovation and cooperation as fundamental enablers for Group performance. Organized networking is key to achieving this goal, and it is our responsibility to develop it with the Operations community managers and experts.

Main Missions

The Operations Performance Engagement Director is responsible for:

  • Organizing and managing community events (such as calls, workshops, and seminars)
  • Following up on meetings (such as benchmarks and best practices, cross-presentations or cross-assessments, and local support) and their agendas
  • Carrying out specific “on-demand” local support missions or audits/assessments for operations (such as organization, performance, turnaround projects, and change management), using relevant HQ Operations toolkits (such as absenteeism, road accidents, and resource monitoring) built by HQ Operations experts
  • Following up on the deployment of the Keolis Way Operations assessment tool and improvement action plans. Both the implementation and sustainability of performance levers are considered key factors for success.

The Operations Performance Engagement Director also contributes to:

  • The community's internal communication (such as media like the Keo’Operations newsletters) by providing contacts, content, interviews, etc.
  • The Kiho continuous improvement approach when needed, such as providing local support to Kiho teams, conducting complementary assessments on organization and processes, and contributing to the building of Kiho international toolboxes
  • Updating and improving Group referentials and tools (such as new toolkits and training modules)
  • Bids and mobilization processes when required (such as providing support to bid or local teams and conducting bid reviews) by implementing Group methodologies or tools and providing training

The Operations Performance Engagement Director leads the Keolis Way operational excellence workstream by:

  • Updating and rolling out the self-assessment tool and methods
  • Developing the app used by the entities
  • Engaging the community on the Operational Excellence workstream

Basic Requirements

  • Fluent in English and French
  • At least 10 years of experience in team and operations management, preferably within an international environment
  • Experience in implementing Operations tools and processes is valuable
  • Strong communication, teamwork, and team and expert support skills
  • Autonomous and able to add value to a network of international COOs and experts
  • Knowledge of safety processes and rules (such as for trains, light rails, and metros)
  • Basic knowledge of transport companies’ financial and HR rules and processes, as well as rolling stock (such as buses, coaches, light, and/or heavy rail) is also valuable.


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